Monday, June 01, 2009

Indian Protest/Drunken Riot.

Oh lordy here we go. First comes the claims of Racism. Next claims of Police Brutality at a Peace rally staged by Indians against RACISM. Now we have reports of a not so Peaceful protest by the protesters with reports of Drunken Violence and the carrying of weapons.

Now as our earlier report has shown this group of Indian protesters have decided that Australia is racist and they demand protection. Well piss off. Australia is a Racist country. But the victims are almost always White and the perps are Non White Australians. It is us White Australians who need protection you bloody idiots.

Now for some facts.

Racist attacks on Indian Students.

When a White Person commits a crime in this country against a Non White it is always reported as a Racist attack. They are also named and shamed and all the details are widely available on the net.

When a Non white person commits a crime they are protected. Description is rarely given of the offender and Racism is never a part of the crime. You will have to trawl for hours to find a media report that has the balls to claim it is racially motivated.

It has been suggested that the majority of attacks against these Indian students have been perpetrated by Non White Australians. Seeing as we have a Media Black Out on reporting Ethnic crime it is presumed by the wider community that the attackers are white.

Next when ever a attack is
committed by evil whitey you will hear this word "NAZI" or "SKINHEAD". Have any of these words been used in any of these reports of Racial Violence? Nope

A note to our huge spike in visitors from India. Please feel free to view this

Now ask yourself who is committing these types of crimes? White Australians are being attacked every day and no one gives a shit.

What of the claims of a Peaceful Protest? Well guys it was not Peaceful. It wasn't supposed to be. Again to our Indian fans. It was shown on the National News Last Night the spokesperson of the protest (an Indian Student) screaming with a bull horn that they would take the law into their own hands. That is go vigilante. And who would be the victims? Well it would be innocent White Folk. Remember you are all blaming us White Folk.

Can I go to India and do this? Would you dear distant reader be a tad upset with a group of White Folk doing this in your country? Now don't say we are safe in India. Lets not forget what other Pacific Nations think of the "Racist Indians" controlling their economys and natural resources. Fiji anyone.

Australian tourist murdered in Goa

NSW woman found murdered in India

and what of this comment from an Australian visiting India?

"I'm an Australian woman & on recent trip to India, took a pre-paid taxi because tourists are told this is safest! Tourists are often criticised for not trusting Indians - see why we are precautious now! Conversely, many Indian people I spoke to were concerned for my safety. I understand but this reflects how unsafe they must view their own society. How sad. In a big western city I am safe as a woman alone. Many Indian people have the (false) perception that Western society is corrupt and western women are "loose". But clearly as this crime proves it is the morals of many Indian men which are corrupt. I always dressed and behaved very modestly & still received many unwelcome advances (physical and verbal). Parents, educate your children to respect not just family but ALL members of society. & Not just because parents say so but for their own character. Also, Don't believe the media's depiction of western women. We are sisters, mothers, aunts, grandmothers too & deserve the same respect. Tourism is vital to India & you have so much to offer. Protect it or you will lose it! Sadly My family will not allow me to return despite the many wonderful people I did meet & wonders I saw.
" Source

Get the picture yet? You bloody idiots are safer in Melbourne even if the Asians the Sudanese the Islanders and who ever else are bashing you. That's not our fault. We didn't ask for them to come here. Our Government didn't ask the population of this country for permission to move millions of Non Whites here.

Again these reports of violence are nothing compared to what the Majority White community has to suffer daily. If you are all so concerned about Racism how about defending the real victims. White Folk. Or are all the Non Whites RACIST?

Now that would something to see. A real Anti Racist org protecting White Folk run by Non Whites.

Further Reading,21985,25565946-661,00.html
In all, 18 protesters were arrested and detained for breaching the peace, and one protester was arrested for assault.

Mr Overland said he believed the protest had been hijacked by drunken trouble makers.

“We found a number of knives and some batteries that were left behind after they left," He said.

"My understanding is that they had taken some steps to arm themselves with projectiles in the event that we might move in.

“One of my officers was bitten on the hand and suffered an injury as a result of that.”

and FDB anyone?
When asked by Ross Stevenson whether the protest was 'hijacked' by people with different agendas, Overland confirmed this was the case.

"I was down there late last night - and there were clearly people in there who had their own agenda and had little to do with the issue confronting Indian students," he said.

"I think they're agenda is just to cause as much trouble as they can."

Oh and this one
FISA said in a statement on its website the rally aimed to create an awareness about an increasing number of what it called "hate crimes" in Victoria and to promote racial harmony and peace.

"I think absolutely they should have left because we are seeking peace, we are seeking non-violence, and we should be leading by example. And this is no way to lead by example," he said.

"Unfortunately the whole thing was hijacked by people with their own intention."

Now who else advertised the PEACEFUL Protest? Ummmm oh that's right the Marxist Jews and the Anarchist Jews here it is

Fight Dem Back

Anarchist @ndy

But the organiser knows that. He told them.


Anonymous said...

You guys haven't had a 'Stephen Lawrence' incident yet have you?

Thats when things will really start going downhill!

St. Stephens unresolved death and the subsequent MacPherson report transformed our country into the snivelling PC shambles we have today!

Whitelaw Towers said...

I bet they are working on it.