Monday, May 18, 2009

Let The Stitch Up Begin.

Well what did everyone expect? That he would get a fair go? Well that's never been the case before and it never will be. We have had to do a little research on Brendon. What we found was that he is a Devout Christian and not an Evil Racist like we often have been described as.

Anyway Brendon's been at it exposing Zionist crimes for a few years now. And a lot more. On the way making some very interesting enemies. Now we see them all gathering for the kill.
All types of accusations are now starting to come up. For the most part on White Nationalist forums or Neo Conservative forums. A great tactic often used by the Zionist is to kick you while you are down. Death by a thousand cuts.

As we know the best way to destroy anyones credibility is to float some BS on any one of these forums. Storm Front has been used extensively in the past for exactly this type of operation. Now it would seem that old Brendon has a few enemies on our side of the fence. Leading us to ask why?

Well shock horror Brendon has actually stated himself that the White National and National Socialist
community is being infiltrated by Zionist or Christian Zionists. Hell we have been saying this for a few years ourselves. Plenty of evidence is on this site proving this to be a fact. Note. We don't think Brendon reads WLT so he would have his own sources. These we would love to see.

Many comparisons are drawn by Christians
Zionist between The Zionist State and our movement. Hence leading them to think we are fighting the same struggle. That they are deserving of our support. But Two World Wars 9-11 and the murder of Millions upon Millions of White Folk prevent them from getting wide acceptance in our community. It is of no wonder certain well know Christian Zionist in Australia have decided to put in the boot. So the shell game begins once again.

Sadly many of our brethren will fall for this type of disinformation. This in turn is used yet again as a wedge to fracture and weaken the White Nationalist movement world wide and destroy Brendon's resolve. Killing two Birds with One Stone.

As far as we can see Brendon has no inspirations of being a White Nationalist. He is a Christian and is being persecuted for his beliefs. Lets not muddy the waters here. This is about freedom of speech and being able to hold beliefs that may be upsetting to others. For this alone we must realise this is our battle also.

White Nationals are on the same hit list that this man is on. But by a twist of fate so are the Left Wing critics of Zionism. So ask yourself why would anyone start forum gossip about this man? Whom do they serve? I would guess the same thing is happening on Left Wing Forums also. You see the Left are just as infiltrated as the Right. We all find ourselves doing the bidding of the few. Just like our Governments.

The sickening picture that is starting to become apparent in So called White National Political Party's like the BNP and some factions of the APP are worthy of our criticism. But all we get is silence on the most part. These are groups that have pledged at one stage to give us a voice. Yet have fallen far from the mark. Now these people are once again using us to destroy another voice of descent. When do we as a movement take control of our destiny and rid the movement of Trimmers Sayanim and the bloody stupid?

This is not a complicated case. Its about freedom of speech. If he is taken down I can guarantee we are next. In fact we would be an easier target at this stage. Ask yourself White Man when they come for you how many people/Net warriors will stab you in the back?
How many of these people will believe what the media will say about you? How many of these misleading articles will be used against you on forums by the same people who you once trusted? Yes the same media they criticize until they need it to rid the movement of troublesome "Nazis" that hold back the movement.

If the movement is willing to become just another Neo Conservative movement will you just go along or will you fight?

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What a great example here truly WTF is going on at SF?