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Police Bashed in RACIST ATTACK!

Go get them Fight Dem Back! Oh crap we forgot the victims are WHITE!

"On the support of local churches for Sudanese refugees, he said: “When the muds they sponsor come and live here and start to rape and murder their grandchildren, maybe then they will wake up.” Latest Rape Here


"FOUR Sudanese nationals seriously injured two senior off-duty police officers at a Brisbane football club after having first threatened to rape their wives and children, a jury has been told.

Magid Santino Agwaig, 25, Marier Majur Amour, 22, and brothers Doctor Martin and Hakuma Martin Mirich-Teny, 21 and 25, all yesterday pleaded not guilty to two counts each of grievous bodily harm and one of common assault.

the group made comments such as "you white pieces of s***", "get back on the boat" and "go back to England".

Ms Birkett said one comment heard was: "We are going to rape your children

I though I would fix the story up a bit using typical FDB exaggeration.

Israel Today 21.05.09
Reporter Donald Duck Monster and @ndy Moran

FOUR White nationals/NAZIS seriously injured two Indigenous off-duty police officers at a Brisbane football club after having first threatened to rape their wives and children, a jury has been told.

A Brisbane District Court jury was told the four also allegedly assaulted the manager of the Southern Districts Rugby Union Club at Annerley about 12.30am on November 24, 2007.

Mick White, 25, Carl Gustof, 22, and brothers Frank and Jesse James, 21 and 25, all yesterday pleaded not guilty to two counts each of grievous bodily harm and one of common assault 4 charges of HATE CRIME 3 of RACISM one count of being a NAZI one count of THOUGHT CRIME and one count of being declared enemy of FDB and Israel.

Prosecutor Catherine Rosenberg said off-duty officers Senior-Sergeant Marundo Yanna and Inspector Token Black, who is also the football club's president, were at a Christmas party on the evening of November 23. Ms Hau said the officers and manager Wezzil had been standing on the clubhouse veranda when they heard loud Singing nearby and witnessed the NAZIS giving each other NAZI salutes and looking kinda proud.

The court was told Yanna and Black went to investigate and found a group of NAZIS drinking beer. Ms Hau said Yanna and Black asked the group to desist and move on, but were then subjected to a string of loud expletives and racial slurs.

The jury Core members of FDB said members of the group made comments such as "you nigger pieces of s***", "get back in the ute" and "go back to the bush".

Ms Hau said one comment heard was: "We are going to take our country back."
She said when Weezil tried to entice them to leave he had liquid, possibly Victorian Bitter, thrown in his eye and was then repeatedly stomped.

The jury was told both Yanna and Black were then assaulted by one or more of the group. Ms Hau said Black later required surgery for several fractures to his eye-socket, while Yanna required dental treatment to remove teeth smashed in the alleged attack.

Wezzil testified he was "king-hit" when he tried to move the NAZIS off the club's grounds."The next thing (I know) I am king-hit straight into my right eye," he said.
Black said he later required 13 stitches for three lacerations around his left eye and required surgery to correct his eye-socket fractures.

The trial before Judge Shlomo Rubinstein is unfinished.


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Bridging the gap - QPS/Sudanese Youth Football Challenge

Officers from the Queensland Police Service and young members of the Sudanese community will be testing their skills in a QPS and Sudanese Youth Football (Soccer) Challenge on Sunday, February 10.

The match, titled ‘Bridging the gap’, will see the two teams kicking off at 11am at the Annerley Soccer Club, Greenslopes. It is expected the event will attract up to 600 supporters.

Sergeant Jim Bellos, Cross Cultural Liaison Officer for the Metropolitan South Region, said the match had been suggested by Sudanese youth who play locally in and around the Annerley and Yeronga areas.

He said the aim of the day was to celebrate diversity and encourage a fun and safe community environment.

“This kind of event brings people together and everyone can feel a sense of belonging within the broader community.

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Here's a simple youtube video about the incident created


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Ive heard a story that during christmas celebrations off duty police were in souths rugby club at Annerley. Africans came in sexually harassing females. The police asked them to settle down. Africans left. Some off duty officers got bashed with clubs and got broken eye socket when they walked home alone.

From January 2008 Stormfront discussion.

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