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Throat SLASHED IN "RACIST" ATTACK June 1st, 2009

The Surfers Paradise local was the victim of a 'racially motivated' attack on Saturday night while walking home from the Blues on Broadbeach festivities.

Mr Donnelly, who has a prosthetic leg, noticed he was being said he was followed by a group of men who he described as of 'Asian appearance'.

"They came up and knocked me to the ground and started kicking me," he said.

"They were yelling 'piss off Aussie' and 'good on ya Skippy'.

"They slashed my throat with the bottle and ran away once they saw how much blood was coming out," he said.

The 40-year-old managed to get home where he attempted to raise the alarm before passing out on a mattress in the lounge room, possibly as a result of the considerable blood loss."

So after 5 years service to the Anti Racism "Front" what does the much quoted Fight Dem Back people have to say? Look at this shit. Here.

That's it folks a story begging for money for a bloody Lesbian in the US. WTF. This group who has claimed "Fight dem back! is a trans-Tasman campaign against racial hatred, xenophobia and fascism" has never and I repeat never reported a RACE HATE CRIME against a White person. Over the past 4 years they have reported on every case of race hate crime in Australia and New Zealand only if the victim is a NON WHITE.

In fact the only site dedicated to collecting and reporting Hate Crimes against Whites Down Under News Links has been harassed by FDB. In the past they have forced their closure using "copyright and content" laws after making complaints to the Zionist run press. The people at Down Under News Links had to remove all news content from its pages. Yet FDB use the exact same news sources and articles IN FULL with ZERO repercussions.

In 5 years not one race hate crime has been reported from these frauds concerning white victims. On average they could run a new story every day from Australia alone concerning the Racism towards White Folk.

Yet the media have quoted them as experts in the field of ANTI RACISM. It is so bloody obvious what is going on. They are not Anti Racist. They are Self proclaimed Jews pushing Marxist agendas. They could not give a toss about White Australia and in fact work with anyone to destroy this country.

Now put that on Wikipedia

Look at this crap. Where is the outrage and the demos. Please visit Down Under News Links every day.
DateStateTitleName(s) - Description(s)ImageLinks
May 28NSWMan bashed and robbed at Newcastle bus stopPacific Islander or AboriginalN/AArticle
May 28WAWoman robbed at ATMAboriginalImageArticle
May 28WAMan, 21, charged over child porn at airportSaudi ArabianN/AArticle
May 28NTMan mugged after rock festival AboriginalN/AArticle
May 27WAFeds arrest alleged people smuggler in PerthHadi AhmadiN/AArticle
May 27NTStealing with violenceAboriginalN/AArticle
May 26WAWanted over serious unlawful wounding offenceAboriginalImageArticle
May 26QLDForeign student on bail over 14-year-old girls rapeIndianN/AArticle
May 26QLDArmed robbery, RockvilleAboriginal appearanceN/AArticle
May 26QLDGang of muggers rob girl in Toowoomba knife attackAboriginal in appearanceN/AArticle
May 26NSWArmed robbery of taxi driver - WaterlooAboriginal appearanceN/AArticle
May 26VICPolice hunt two over robberiesIslanderN/AArticle
May 25QLDElderly woman bashed to death (victim)Aboriginal appearanceN/AArticle
May 24QLDSerious assault, FreshwaterAboriginal appearanceImage
May 24VICMan was stabbed after trying to break up fightAsianN/AArticle
May 24QLDArmed robbery, KingstonAboriginal or Torres Straight Islander appearanceN/AArticle
May 22NTResort rape: Peruvian man jailedCalixto ArroyoN/AArticle
May 21WAHome invasion terrorAboriginalN/AArticle
May 21QLD'We're going to rape your wives': four on assault chargeMagid Santino Agwaig, Marier Majur Amour, Doctor Martin Mirich Teny, Hakuma Martin Mirich TenyN/AArticle

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