Friday, May 29, 2009

Stand True Ireland.

Yet another White Country is about to fall. Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, Europe and the USA, all have one thing in common. We are all in serious trouble. But how could this be? Are we not strong and proud of our achievements? Are we so willing to piss away all that has been done and achieved only to appease the New World Order? All those Brave Men and Women who once stood so proudly because they were Nationalists. Did they all sacrifice themselves for nothing? Have we all forgotten how brave and fearless our forefathers were?

The PC brigade read the Communist Jews have taken our history and our heritage. Now they take the very thing that makes us what we are. Look at how bravely we fought against each other. All to preserve our Empires our Countries our Heritage and our blood.

This one is for Ireland. Yet another proud country on the BRINK.

Think about how hard we fought against each other. We found it all to easy to kill each other off in the UK,Ireland,Europe and America. You have to wonder why we don't make a stand against the greatest enemy we have ever faced as a race.

Have we killed each other off so well that only the few now speak for the future of our kind? Its time we all put a tea spoon of cement in our coffee and harden the fuck up.


Epona said...

You have some good stuff on here mate. I'm bit tired or I would elaborate :-)
Early night for me I think. I thought you were pretty safe in Australia, apart from forest fires and the usual annoying Islamics, but I was wrong. Even your legendary outspokenness is being shat on.
stay safe,
Red Squirrel

Whitelaw Towers said...

Thanks. I had a peek at your blog and I must say you have some good stuff also. I may cross post a few articles if you don't mind.

We are all in the same leaky boat no matter what White Nation we come from. I think Australia has a lot to learn from the UK. Watching what happens in the Northern Hemisphere helps us prepare for what will happen here next.

Anonymous said...

People from the USA, Austarlia etc. find it hard to understand the anymosity between european nations.

It's based mainly on cultural, political and religious differences, anyone who says we can all get along is kidding themselves!

Thats why the vile EU like the USSR before it is doomed to failure!

I have no sympathy for the irish, they have wallowed in marxist republicanism for long enough!

Fuck the IRA and fuck Ireland, they can have our wogs when we eventually kick them out!

Whitelaw Towers said...

Britain Awake I have an idea all be it from books and the Jew Tube.

I most certainly thought long hard about doing this article for fear of looking like I take a side. Or at worse starting an age old battle in the comments section.

Believe it or not it is just as hot a subject here as it is in the UK and Ireland and does often destroy friendships.

In the end I decided to go ahead for a couple of reasons. We all suffer from the same problems. And we all have shown that we are willing to fight for the Sovereignty of our Nations.

I just wonder why none of us fight as hard against our enemy now?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the funny thing about jewtube and elsewhere is the biggest IRA supporting scumbags are actually Americans whose only claim to having irish 'ancestry' is their great grandmother came from limerick or something equally as vague!

A lot of these pricks think they are NS and dont like being reminded that the IRA are marxist race mixers and in fact they are cultural mongrels themselves!

Cultural identity is as important as racial identity!