Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Visit This Site

Now it would seem that Fight Dem Back core member Anarchist Jew @ndy is a tad upset at these guys. Although he threatens a suspected member of the above site with "THE LAW" HERE he has forgotten that he himself has also reproduced many times anti Semitic cartoons and pictures.

Take it away @ndy...

"One of the most vicious of these, in my opinion, is M##### F#######, a member of the Australian Protectionist Party and web-maintainerer of the Down Under Newslinks site. I ain’t no lawyer, but I reckon that his re-publication of shit like The Myth of the Six Million, The International Jew, Did Six Million Really Die? and The Protocols of Zion — as well as reproducing ‘Anti-Jew posters’ produced by Serbian fascists during WWII and other crazy shit — could be interpreted as ‘vilification’…"

But why has this little snitch got such a HARD ON for Down Under News Links? Could it be that
Down Under News Links is reporting and collecting hate crimes committed against White Australians. My god now that's shocking. So what do we do? Well spread the word save it in your bookmark and visit often. I will.

Thanks for the tip and pointing them out @ndy. Im sure our readers will enjoy "Down Under News Links"

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