Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Who are the Australian Thought Crime Enforcers

First lets have a look at what has happened overseas and at home.

Now ask yourself who are the Thought Crimes Enforcers in Australia? Do they exist will they act? They do exist in Australia. So who are they? For the most part they are all JEWISH. But they conceal this by claiming to be Anarchists or Anti Fascists. The obvious ones like Jewish Lawyer Jeremy Jones would never dirty his hands with these types? Or would he?

In the 70's these Enforcers in Australia had no problem with showing the public who they truly were. Much has been written on the Jewish Student Demonstrations against the Australian National Socialist Party and not much of it is what you would call good PR for the Jews. Needless to say if the same group of Communist Jews was to act in the way they did in the 70's in modern day Australia the WN and NS movement in this country would double in numbers over night. So what do they do now they have all grown up? Well they use groups such as Fight Dem Back.

This group FDB who are always playing the victim are the willing left hand of the Modern day Zionist Enforcer. The tactics they use do differ from the past but in the end they are still breaking the law just like the old days.

Some of the tactics they use

False witness
Computer hacking
Racial Stereotyping
Threats of violence
Actual violence (well not of late but they did try)
Illegally collecting information on Australian Citizens (Sayanim)

Yet to this day they openly boast on the FDB forum and other Anarchist sites with zero repercussions. This is when the Jeremy Jones types come into play. These Jews have been given the nod from the highest levels of our Government and Legal systems. Supported by a bias and corrupt media.

Sorta makes the playing field a little uneven don't you think? These Jews who masquerade as Anarchists and or Communists act and behave like they are untouchable. In a way they are. But how successful would they be if they were to out themselves and let the real Left Wing movement know their true identity? In short not very successful at all.

A change is on the way and they know it. Even the modern day left are aware of the Zionist program around the world. With the advent of the Internet and news sourced from Non Jewish controlled media the truth is slowly getting out.

You see as this blog has shown again and again members of FDB work very closely with the Australian Authorities to silence free speech. At the same time they work very closely with the left. Its members often attend demos organised by groups of Anarchists and Marxists. But do the Anarchists and Marxists know they are welcoming these Enforcers into the fold? I doubt it. It seems strange that a group such as FDB would attack something such as modern capitalism. The same system that protects them at the highest levels. It is just a cover.

To this day not one single WN or NS supporter in this country been arrested or charged with any crime. All though FDB has claimed many victories they have all been victories from Stalking, Illegal hacking of Web Sites and harassment of Employers. These victims of FDB are all guilty of one thing. Thought Crime. To be blunt it is the Right who work with in the law even if it is stacked against us.

These FDB people supported by Jewish groups and Jewish sympathizers in our Government and Legal system are most certainly not who they make themselves out to be. Their days are filled with trawling the net identifying Thought Crimes and passing on this info to the likes of Jeremy Jones and other Pro Zionist groups in this country. All this information being stored by these Sayanim is being collected illegally.

These people know that the pay off is on the way. As each day goes past more and more laws are being approved under the disguise of "Anti Terrorism". They know free speech will be the privilege of the ruling class and that the enemy that is us will be shut away by Zionist Lawyers. These people are the ultimate Wolves in Sheep's Clothing. And when they are finished with us what of the Left. Considering the majority of Left Wing groups in this country are spineless unless they are in groups of 100 they will convert. They will do as they are told by the ruling class. The rest will share a cell with us or at worst the Gallows.

Funny thing is many of these FDB people never spoke of Palestine until White Law Towers pointed out the Zionist in the camp. We blew their cover and outed these Enforcers and Government Agents. Old @ndy FDB co founder had to go into overdrive and cover his arse on that one.

Here is a very quick list of some of the Jews who are members at FDB or at least are Pro Israel.

Mathew Henderson Hau Founder of Fight Dem Back
Jewish Police informer

Asher Goldman Co founder New Zealand Head and self styled Anarchist
Jew Anarchist

VC name unknown. Hebrew speaking New Zealand FDB member
Jew and as he states "wrecker of everything".

Donald Oorst Co Founder of FDB Western Australia
Jewish mouth piece Police informer

Andy Fleming (well one of them) @ndy Co Founder FDB Victoria
Jewish mouth piece Anarchist Police Informer and Government agent. Member of the ADL fan club.

Brian Stokes Co Founder FDB "What is wrong with Communism"
American ex pat serial stalker Burnt out hippy and a total wimp.

Now with a little digging we are sure we could place at least 50% of the FDB membership in the Bnai Brith category. That would be at least 6 people. But don't be fooled by their numbers. Its the ones they supply the info to that you have to worry about.

Over the years Fight Dem Back have boasted of connections in the media in the legal system in the NSW Police force. (Brian Stokes while still living in Sydney even bragged that his mate a NSW Police officer was willing SHOOT a WN he falsely claimed was driving past his house.) All of whom have been the willing tools of harassment. FDB have made death threats, persecuted innocent business owners, sourced information from corrupt Social Security employees and made false and misleading statements to the Australian Anti Terrorist groups.

FDB have had people sacked from their employment including a single mother and have posted pictures, names and employment details of many a White National. They have involved the innocent children of White Nationals and accused them of attacking non whites. All lies. FDB have disrupted the family lives of many and have been responsible for the break up of at least two that we know of. They have contacted wives partners and threatened them with black mail. FDB members have threatened to poison water supplies and the list goes on. Yet none of them have ever been subjected to the same type of harassment or threats from the evil racist they say they are fighting.

FDB have lied used false credentials to have Blogger,Google, Pay Pal shut down or close accounts. They have used Australian Veterans and days such as Anzac Day Armistice Day to further their Zionist BS. They have impersonated Australian Soldiers and supplied false information to the Australian Army Intelligence groups.

They have worked closely with Victorian Anti terrorist Police making false statements and wasting valuable time and resources of this group. They have worked with the WA Flying Squad in vilifying a Patriot and also supplying False information to them on others. FDB have contacted Police Stations all around Australia sending false information on local WN activists. Does this sound like the actions of a group of Left Wing Anarchists? No way.

They have handed complete dossiers on Australian Citizens to reporters of Australia's leading News Papers and Television Current Affair programs. Using these outlets as intimidation by proxy. Hardly Left wing activists.

So what do we do? We play it safe for now. We ramp up our legal tactics to spread the word. We never back down. We must share information with each other. We must attend each others public gatherings and show them we are not afraid. If confronted by one of them protect yourself fight and fight to win. Put pressure on any left wing people you know to kick out the enemy with in. If one of our people are taken down by these Net Bullies stand by them. Give them support and the help they need.

The loss of one WN or NS is one to many. Dig deep into your pockets and donate to WN groups, forums or orgs such as B&H. Attend the gigs enjoy the friendship of like minded folk. Don't let them fool you into thinking that they are holding all the cards. History has shown that you cant have it your way all the time. Our turn is next. Don't forget that.

When the Jones's of the world start taking us to court for thought crimes demonstrate at the court proceeding's donate money for legal costs. Fight dam it. They cant put us all in gaol. Not yet anyway.

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