Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Who are the Haters. Brendon O'Connell and Supporters under attack.

I must say when you upset members of the Jewish Community around the world you expect a little criticism. But follow these links and see how low they go.

In some sort of sick joke one poster in particular a Proud Supporter of the Jewish Internet Defense Force who goes by the name of Saint Hitler takes his hatred to a level I have never seen before.

It is very disturbing. The threats and language used are that bad that we can not place them here. It is like Brendon O'Connell stated they are very dark people. Viewer discretion advised.

Here is this idiots signature.

There are a lot of f##king women bitches on this earth who deserve to be raped and tortured.I'm sick of all your f##king lame woman's rights f##kheads always crying about shit.If you want to be an equal,f##king be an equal.-GG. Allin 8/29/1956 - 6/28/1993 R.I.P

Link Here

Page 45 is very disturbing.

PS as predicted he has already been labeled a Pedophile. What a surprise.

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