Friday, May 15, 2009

Will Brendon O'Connell bring down the Zionists in the left?

We think so. Looks as if Fight Dem Back just shot themselves in the foot. They have exposed themselves for what they truly are. Whats that you ask? Zionist plants that have infiltrated the Left Wing Movement. Seems Palestine is bad for business FDB.

Perth Indy Media SOURCE

An Australian citizen has been muzzled of free speech by an opportunistic Perth politician controlled by religious zealots.

Brendan is facing 14 years in prison.

Brendan is scheduled for his first court appearance and we need your help. A rally will be held on the 18th in front of John Hyde's office on the 18th from 9 AM-12 PM.

John Hyde, MLA
446 William Street Perth, WA | Telephone: +61 8 9227 8040 | Fax: +61 8 9227 8060 | Email:


Sorry to be the one to tell you Perth Indy Media, but it was the people in your ranks who are controlled by religious zealots. But it has nothing to do with religion its about protecting Zionism. It was the same people who contribute to your news site, it was the same people you have helped build up by thinking that they are just an Anti Racist Group. Wrong.

and this SOURCE

Local free speech advocates expect a heavy turn-out and are warning against responding to the provocative actions of militant jews that are expected to attempt to disrupt the rally.

Rally organizers say that over 9,000 jews live in Perth and rumors are flying that a number of Israeli jews have recently booked hotel rooms in the area.

They urge all attendees to report suspicious activities to the police.

What to do Fight Dem Back. Lets see how you bull shit yourselves out of this one.

But we know they will not need to Bull Shit they will use Black Mail and the influential Jewish contacts in the Australian Marxist and Anarchist movement. Lets see how long it is until Perth Indy Media backs down. I hope they don't. But we will see.

It will give us an idea how much the Left is under the heel of Zionism.
Hell didn't we predict that us White Nationals would be sharing cells with the Left. Well the brave ones anyway.

Donald Oorst on Perth Indy Media

fire the letters editor and replace with a non klansman.
by Don Oorst 2009-01-20 2:03 AM +0900

I'll tell you one thing. If Stokes wants to do one thing positiive to prove hes committed to a decent newspaper (who am I kidding?) , *fire the fucking letters editor*

I refuse to believe him printing borderline KKK letters from the same handful of racist assholes is justified when the wests own statistics point to hundreds of letters per day.

The fuckwit is using letters to the editor to bias public opinion perception to reflect a *very* hostile version of reality. Even the nasty fucking murdoch papers don't have that sort of horseshit. Fire the goddamn racist letter editor.

Donald Oorst AKA Duck Monster on Fight Dem Back

Post subject: Re: anti-Jew YouTube poster charged under WA vilification laws
PostPosted: Thu May 14, 2009 7:37 am
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This is bit of a clusterfuck. I've been speaking with Alex from FOPA and also with some people from the Jewish Community.

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FatBastard's Bouquet said...

JewHiss "Anarchists" will be out DEMANDING, as only the Chosen can, that the LAW be enforced to the letter and to its maximum extent.

Let's all hear it for Jewish Anarchists, for whom Noachide Law prescribed for "Gentiles" is Anarchy for Jews.

They can Piss and Squat on whoever they like, because they're .............C-h-o-z-e-n. nice to be "Chosen"....

I wish I could be "Chosen" by ma Mum's a Scot, so BooFucking Hoo for us the "UnChosen", who, no matter how "Good" we are, can never aspire then ascend to the moral heights of a Jewish Paedophile like GinsBurg and his ilk,,,,,'cause we're not, and are thus excluded, on racial grounds.