Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Ah! Feel the warm glow of Leftist compassion...

Center Brian Stokes "Weezil" co-founder of Fight Dem Back Australian Communist and self hating self abusing Anti White racist

Here, dear readers, for your elucidation and general reading pleasure, are some of the latest ramblings of that lovable old communitarian, tireless and hardworking volunteer, eminently tolerant and all round ‘live and let live’ social libertarian that is Brian ‘Weezil’ Stokes.

What a guy! What a wise old sage he is.

‘tho I do suspect his volunteer work on the Samaritan crisis hotline might be in some jeopardy after the following comments become widely known…*snigger*…

Psst! Brian. You’re supposed to talk the loonies OUT of self harm, old son. What happened to all that warmth, kindness, compassion and love of Humanity stuff you used to preach…maaan? Where DID that golden haired old hippie GO to Brian? You’re bringing us DOWN man with all this heavy shit, maaaaaaaaaaaan!!!

I see Crazy Craig Andrew Betts has found his gloriously hilarious threat to ‘take down’ mgk enshrined in this thread, prompting him to go there and impersonate me. *giggle* Meet Mr Betts, the declared vexatious litigant, drunk driver, mother basher, serial AVO applicant and diagnosed mentally ill fuckbag.

Dr Keller from the Sutherland Shire Mental Health Department says:
“Mr Betts is extremely well known to the Division of Mental Health at Sutherland Hospital.
He has had one admission to our Inpatient Unit as well as sporadic contact with our Acute Care Treatment Team. He frequently corresponds with myself by fax and the content of this correspondence reflects psychotic thought processes and delusional beliefs.
It is my professional opinion that Mr Betts is likely to be currently suffering from a mental illness and that he may well represent a risk to himself and others.

I believe he would benefit from an urgent Mental Health Assessment to determine what treatment is required at this point in time.”

How fucked up can one dickwad be?

The obvious solution for Betts is suicide, but until he tops himself, he’ll be back here harassing the fuck out of everyone. He’s so good at harassment that he’s not allowed to take any legal action in NSW without leave of the Supreme Court of NSW. Now THAT’S some serious asshattery.

SUICIDE, Craig! KILL YOURSELF NOW, you worthless bucket of dogshit.

Comment by weez 05.09.09 @ 3:19 pm

Now, do you gentle readers out there think these are the coolly considered and logical comments of a person with both a firm grip on reality and a strong and healthy impulse control? Do you think they indicate the author is an ethical, morally righteous dude… a shining beacon of truth and hope for the wretched and a model example for the misguided youth of today?…OR… do you, like me, think this bloke is a certifiable head-case, a vicious moral coward, a mental pygmy, so utterly bitter and twisted with sheer blind hatred he cannot even think straight?...AND…

…furthermore, do you think that perhaps, just perhaps, his goading insistence that his intended target kill himself just might, might mind you, constitute, considering the delicate psychological condition of his target, an actual case of attempted murder by proxy? Isn’t telling a loony to kill themselves a bit like handing the nominated lunatic a loaded gun or even placing a banana skin under his foot while he teeters on the parapet? How about just giving him a sly nudge as he prevaricates and ruminates over just HOW he’ll leap into the void from the thirteenth floor?

Either way it’s not exactly RESPONSIBLE behaviour, is it?


Craig Andrew Betts said...

I agree.

I have reported him to police and everybody else. They knew me through a Todd Blanch and certain Police named Detective Adam Johnson and Ex Assistant Commissioner Reg Mahoney making false allegations. I was not found mentally ill and they were fined for breaching privacy. The unprofessional behavior and psychotic writing turned out to be a full stop missing??? The nurses could not believe it and were also disgusted. Truley. The matter is still very much on the cards against all. I agree also that that is a threat to Kill which is supposed to be a chargeable offence. Evidence of what i am saying can be found here

and here

which later i will put up more evidence. It is and was really very unprofessional behaviour by all involved including Dr Adrian Keller.

However thank you for your comments however trying to look a things with a bit of laughter dosent make someone a looney. People do write and like it.


Whitelaw Towers said...

No worries Craig and good luck. WLT has plenty of dirt on this scum bag so feel free to use it.

I am glad you have reported this. We here have no idea on the background but have been amazed at the disclosures concerning you. You just saved us a heap of time.

Fight it all the way.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Go hard old son.That stokes creep has hurt a lot of good people over the years He deserevs every thing you can throw at him

Craig Andrew Betts said...

Well, Have a look at him now. They have given his page a trim. LOL

He Might make the Army as a Target!

Also put these comments on your Other page about me.


Craig Andrew Betts said...

Brian Stokes has been given a warning his hatred of religion borders on Racism. His page has been taken down for the time being so it seems and as you and most people say his behavior will not be tolerated and it threatening. He has had no personal dealings with these people I mention I have. There is a whole lot of difference there. To entrice people to Kill themselves is against the law and it will be upheld.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Go for it mate keep us up to speed on what happens. He is a terrible little turd old Brian. I first came across him when he was bragging about making a 15 year old girl cry after he harassed her continually on a forum. This is supposed to be a grown man. Like I said what a turd.

Craig Andrew Betts said...

I am glad you are winning the Craig Andrew Betts title first. So many people want it.

I just thought I would write this and Just update.

Not even to mention the turd Brian Stokes.

Justice Clifton Hoeben Lied. Telling half a Story in many countries and cultures is a Lie in any one's Language.

Bob Debus was and is a Disgrace totally UnAustralian. These so called men are both gutless and bullshit like so many others in their so called "system". They use Media Advisers and try and censor the net.

The NSW Ombudsman is total Bullshit for the police and the people. True

Craig Andrew Betts said...

Hi how is everyone I am so glad u are winning the Craig Andrew Betts Title. A lot of things you say and lets say research u do on people like Brian Stokes it of Machine Gun Keyboard. It really has to be shot. There are so many shootings around Sydney someone should use a machine gun on him many would agree and for Australia.

PS I will update my website soon.

Anonymous said...

Just Thought I would Update again for the Craig Andrew Betts Title so it seems to be a competition on the net. You will be First again after the this Comment as Craig Andrew Betts is a good person and moral. Both Our NSW Police and others are not very good people when they dont do something about this and those. It is noticeable and others note it too who also been on the net around the world for many years!To think a Business Site was also taken down unlawfully many years ago is also part evidence! It really is sickening for me as SO many people Lying and Covering up!Very Jealous and spiteful!

All I can say to the people is

GOD Bless,

Craig Andrew Betts

Anonymous said...

Also what very Important is that Around the World People and High Court Judges thinks its far too abusive wide and its very very FALSE and appears to have been done with corrupt police and certain media people!Infact Greg Evans Internal Affairs Hurstville requested it!

Read High Court Decision on Line 44

I have never been found Ever mentally, Affected Yes!