Thursday, June 11, 2009

American Media Declares War on Patriots.

Look out people here it comes. Let the round up begin. All this because an old WW2 vet finally snaps under pressure. Oh don't laugh to hard my Left Wing subscribers to this blog. They are going to put all you Pro Palestinian supporters in the same prison as us White Patriots. They already know how to find you all thanks to the Marxist Hate Group Fight Dem Back. Geez we can all share a cell with the Islamic Terrorists. Oh what fun.

Here is a list of all the thought criminals that are now considered Enemy of the State. National Socialist's (not the 1940's ones they are all dead) 9/11 conspiracy theorists, Left Wing Peace Activists, KKK, all White Supremacist's and separatist Groups, Muslims, Right Wing Christians, Anti Semites, Anarchists, White Right Wing Political Party's, hell every one besides Glenn Beck Darrin Hodges Fight Dem Back and the Zionist Jews. What a boring old world that would be.

This prick has the nerve to ask why we haven't learnt from the past. Well just about everyone in these groups who are now declared as the enemy bloody well have. That is why they are so pissed off.

I wonder if they will ship us in Box Carts or Cattle Wagons when they start rounding us up?


anarchore said...

And the 9/11 truthers want to destroy America! And this Glen Beck was on a while back complaining about the Fema camps and totalitarianism in the USA.. I guess he got the memo... go after all the enemies, except for the obvious ones in government and the media.

Oh the poor J-ws are scapegoats, and the Zionists have nothing to do with anything, everyone that is angry at J-wry is just doing it because of innate antisemitism, not because of Zionist wars and economic destruction.

I hope we see Beck go to gaol at some point in the future...

Anonymous said...

The Smug lecturing of this Fox Prig mentions nothing of Greater Israel and Arab understanding that, for them, it demands their extermination or displacement.

The Arabs and Muslims know this.
Stupid White Goyim do not because of deceiving weasels like that shown on Fox.

What do you reckon @ndy. Will you let the Whitey Goy know that they've been had so that they'll refuse to fight for the "Jews" and their Greater Israel. Or is it an Anarchy of Lies that you prefer.

Hows about you Barf ? Or are you too busy shaving your Balls, your back and bleaching your ever ready arse crack for Zion.

What about the Scat Weezil, another transparent Peddler of the Special High Intensity Training of the JEW for Gullible Goyim.

Prejudice originates with Judaism, which presumes to judge the Goyim even before we are born, and attributes the grandiose magnificence that comes with entitlement to even to lowliest nominally "Jewish" mediocrity and ratbag.

Hypocrites all.