Friday, June 05, 2009

The Anarchist The Media and the Government.

Indian Students Bashed in Racist Attacks. Well that's been the headlines. No mention in the media that these attacks in Melbourne have been carried out by Non Whites. In fact the media here and overseas has played the racist card with no sign of stopping. But slowly the truth is getting out. But its to late, the damage is done.

From the start we knew the direction this would take. The one that worried us the most was the new laws that would follow this incident. Laws that will only protect the Government from criticism on its policy of Multiculturalism.

These laws if passed will then be used by Marxist Jewish Groups such as Fight Dem Back and its Anarchist Comrades. They will gladly hand over all the material they have collected over the years to the Police. Silencing some of the most vocal Patriots in this country.

How did it work?

First we had to have the attacks. A bunch of Skinny Indian kids totally defenseless get rolled mugged and stabbed by gangs of Non Whites. This sort of behavior by these gangs is a every day occurrence. It doesn't matter what race you are you just need to be in a Non White area of Australia to become a victim.

Then we had to have the outrage. Using the contacts with the Uni's the Marxist Jews help organise a rally to bring attention to these crimes committed by criminal gangs.

Then we have the spin. These Demo's run by Indian Student groups are then told by the Marxist Jews it is the evil white folk who are to blame. Being Non White the Indians are happy with painting the white folk of Australia as Racist.

Then we have the Anarchists. Next the Demo is advertised on Jewish Anarchists sites and Jewish run Anti Racism sites. Times dates where to meet is all published on these sites.

Once the majority of Law abiding Indian students leave the demo the Anarchists take control stirring up Racial tension and goading certain Indian students into violence and vandalism.

Then comes the back down. Once the media reports the violence and vandalism that occurs during and later on in the demo the Real Left Wing Socialists point the finger at the Anarchist community in Melbourne. Claims are made from the Police and Left Wing groups that the demo had been hijacked by Left Wing extremists. Jews!

Between all this the Government under pressure from the Indian media and the Indian Government go into overdrive because they fear the loss of income by Fee paying students. They need to be seen as doing something. But they cant admit that the experiment in Multi Cultralism is a failure so they also blame Racism. The Labor Government who has many past connections with the old Communist/ Marxist/ Stalinist Party of Australia know that this is a great angle for them to bring in more laws.

But still the truth is getting out. The Internet and forums are full of people speaking about how it was Non Whites who have done the majority of the attacks and it has nothing to do with Racism.

Bring back the Media. A scape goat is needed. It has to be white and must be seen as a violent thug with a media tag.

Seeing as it is very hard to make the case of Racism the media needs to dig up dirt. Bring back in the Marxist Jews/Anarchists. What do they find. Well using sourced info from a Known Anarchist Jew who just so happens to work with the state they find their man. No mention that the info is TWO years old. Just what was said on Storm Front Down Under in 2007. The thread has long since been closed and wiped. But the Marxist Jews have a copy. Time to use yet another Left Wing friend in the News Print media.

Now we are in the next stage. What happens from here who knows. Our guess the Government will try and use this angle in a lot of ways. More net censorship more laws that protect the failed experiment in Multi Cultralism. And who will be the ones that end up the victims? The white folk.

Proof. African Gangs rob bash stab commuters in Adelaide.

Our country holds new Aryan graves. Those murdered by its former slaves. A tearful mother crys for her son. Killed by a ****** the swanny one. A daughter defield her fathers pain. Raped by a spic illegal alien. The same old stories on the news at eleven. Beloved souls return to heaven

Victims of the non-white horde. Casualties of an unseen war. Victims of the non-white horde. Casualties of an unseen war

Whites vs blacks its us vs them. We´re shot and stabbed again and again. The battle of nature since the dawn of time. Not from oppressors of povertys crime. We know better we know the facts. It´s White intelligence uncivilized lack. Death of a nation another victim dies. Thanks the jews for their equality lies

The proselytes in Washington D.C. got blood on their hands. Father make us worthy to fight the beast and defend our people

Integration has failed it has only brought us death. End culture clash before there´s nothing left. American puppets snap your strings. Awaken to the call and what truth brings. They´re not our equals all a race apart. Remember our dead martyrs not forgot. We´ll cease the slayings end our peoples sorrow. Take command of a bright new tomorrow

Victims of the non-white horde. Casualties of an unseen war. Victims of the non-white horde. Casualties of an unseen war

All these killings by the beast of the field. Our thirst for vengeance will never yield. Like John Brown hanging from a tree. The same for the savages just wait and see. Our community sale from an enemies plunder. Honor restored with lighting and thunder. Animals fear, Aryan giants might. Out of the darkness a great White light

Victims of the non-white horde. Casualties of an unseen war. Victims of the non-white horde. Casualties of an unseen war

Abused - not anymore. Revenge - we'll even the score. Abused - not anymore. Revenge - we'll even the score. Sieg Heil!

Hail Victory!

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Anonymous said...

Nice website. Thanks for articulating the case against immigration and the fact that whites are being persecuted world wide through 'hate' laws, restriction of free speech, and the banning of racial homogeneity.