Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Anti BNP Fascism.

This comment from a member of Lancaster Unity. Lancaster Unity much like our panic stricken double agent @ndy Slackbastard also support UK Zionist spy group Searchlight.

Speaking of State run double agents. Check out Australia's own State Run Anarchist try and save his skin. Typical of these Jewish Marxist/Anarchist/ Sayanim. A double agent exposing double agents. Once they have been caught or outed of course.Whats wrong @ndy things looking a little shaky over at Zionist Central. Anyway.....


"Not only members of the BNP, but everyone who votes for them ought to be banned from working with children.

BNP-voting parents should have their kids taken into care. I know that voting is supposed to be anonymous, but there are ways of tracing them, and the interests of the child must come first."

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Leave the kids alone Kike said...

For what ever reason, the Jew has a particular Fetish for interferring with the innocence of and "educating" the children of others with the special high intensity stuff.

This is why I liken the Jew to a religious paedophile. Always sticking its fingers where ever and when ever it can.

The Jew is all about the defilement of innocence. That is what makes and defines the "Jew" as a "Jew".

Any Jew who abandons the ways of "The Jew" has proven himself to be a true "Righteous Gentile".

These are a truly dark and malevolent people masquerading as a "light unto the world".