Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Aussie Reds come in from the cold?

White Law staff showing ex communist proof that Stalin is a Jew.

Once again strange times readers strange times.

At a time when some White Nationalists are going Israel first and allowing Non Whites into the camp. We now have the Stalinist's Marxist and Communists turning their backs on Jewish Controlled Socialism. What took so long?

Yes readers the Australian arm of the Stalinist League has had a change of heart. Read on. Source

"The Stalinist League of Australia is a National Bolshevik organisation in Australia"

"We want a nation wide socialist nationalist revolution that will overthrow the current dictatorship of the capitalists and intelligentsia and replace it with a government that will defend the Australian culture, Anglo ethnicity, culture, our national independence and our economic independence"


"Communism has become irrelevant and close to being dead. Socialism has survived and we must rework our political, social and economic policies, ideologies and tactics."

"These sectarian ideologies have become imbedded in the intelligentsia and in the leadership of the movement. All sectarian ideologies have become irrelevant in the modern political environment. The ideologies of the Communist Parties, Socialist Alliance, Socialist Alternative and other Marxist parties have been proven to be unachievable."

"All socialists must abandon Marxism and communism and embrace some kind of socialist nationalism."

"The Stalinist League has already abandoned Marxism and communism. It has adopted a new constitution and has changed its policies. It is now a National Bolshevik group that stands for socialism, racialism and nationalism. The League is neither a left wing nor a right wing organisation. It is of a third position."

Nope this isn't a joke.

What to do? Well we applaud the move taken by the Stalinist League and hope they can further their research into the scum bag they have named themselves after.
A name change may be of some help?

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, a bit like the 'national anarchists'

I'll stick to good old fashioned NS for the time being!