Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Australian Anti Racist Founder "Mathew Henderson Hau". The Movie.

Yes folks here it is. To celebrate the victory of the BNP the staff at WLT have decided to publish this little gem.

Carp The Motion Picture. Starring Carp AKA Darp or better known nowadays as Mathew Henderson Hau.

Yes readers behold Mathew Henderson. Jewish Founder of Fight Dem back. Watch how he lies and squirms when asked about his past exploits and the involvement of Jewish Anarchists as core members of Fight Dem Back.

It doesn't get better than this folks.

In the second second part of this wonderful historical Documentary (or is that hysterical) we find Mathew Henderson Hau snooping at an Australia First get together. But Mathew has come with support this time. The Police. Note how he is standing alongside NSW finest. Doing what? Giving names and descriptions of people attending of course.

So that's Australian Anti Fa.

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