Monday, June 01, 2009

An Australian in India.

As one Indian blogger wrote what if Australians got bashed in India? Well we know it happens all the time and worse. But what would we do he has asked. Bloody nothing.

How many here have heard of Graham Staines? Not many I bet. Well lets go.

Australia-born missionary, children, burnt alive in Orissa. January 23, 1999

A missionary and his two sons aged eight and ten were burnt alive when miscreants set their vehicle afire at Manoharpur village in Keonjhar district early on Saturday morning.

Official sources said Graham Stewart Stains, an Australia-born missionary who was secretary-cum-treasurer of the Evangelical Missionary Society of Mayurbhanj, and his sons Philip and Timothy were sleeping in a station wagon when a mob shouting slogans doused it with petrol and set it afire.

"My husband and sons tried to get out of the burning vehicle, but were stopped by the attackers," said Stains' wife, Glades, in Baripada.

Have you ever heard of this story people? I bet you haven't.

Stains, who came into India in 1965 to do missionary work, was also associated with the Leprosy Home Mission in Baripada and had been working among lepers in Mayurbhanj district for the last 32 years.

Sounds like a bad person now doesn't he.

What happened? What did Australia do?

In a statement, Australian Foreign Affairs Minister Alexander Downer said Staines devoted his life in serving others and it was ''unconscionable that he and his two sons should have been killed in this horrific way''. January 25, 1999

Did we march in the streets and call India a Racist Backward nation? Nope.

Is that because India is a tolerant society? Nope.

'Anti-Christian attacks started in Nov 1997'

Back to Mr Staines

Government apathy stymies judicial probe into Staines' murder March 17, 1999

More than six weeks after the government appointed Justice D P Wadhwa to inquire into the killings of Australian missionary Graham Staines and his two sons, the one-man Commission has been forced to postpone his sittings due to bureaucratic reasons.
6 weeks hey? I thought our Police are being reported as not doing enough. Short memories people very short.

Wadhwa panel summons Dara Singh May 18, 1999

After the barbaric incident, Dara Singh went underground and the police are still clueless as to his whereabouts

Ok 5 months after this brutal murder someone has been identified. Now how many people are involved in this? Reports suggest up to 70 people helped kill these Australians. 5 months later they still have no arrest. Not with standing that this is a hate crime. No doubt about that.

Dara Singh arrested
February 1, 2000
Dara Singh, one of India's most wanted men, has been arrested.

A Central Bureau Team arrived in Baripada today and interrogated Dara Singh for 20 minutes. Television reports said Dara has confessed to having killed missionary Graham Staines and some other people.

13 months later one arrest.

Bail for four Dara Singh associates December 12, 2000

Four associates of Dara Singh, the main accused in the murder of Australian missionary Graham Stuart Staines, were granted bail by the Orissa High Court

Dara Singh's trial begins in Bhubaneswar March 1, 2001

The trial of Dara Singh, main accused in the murder of Australian missionary Graham Staines and his two minor sons, began on Thursday in the court of Mahendranath Patnaik, district session judge, Khurda

Swift Justice hey. Did we complain? Nope. Should we have complained? Yep. But hey they are just White Folk.

Dara Singh starts work on autobiography March 2, 2001

Dara Singh, the main accused in the killing of Australian missionary Graham Staines and his two sons, is writing his autobiography in jail.

You have to bloody joking? Nope. What a FN hero our Hindu boy is. Lets hope its a best seller. Unreal.

But remember India isn't Racist only White Australia ok.

US panel links lifting sanctions to status of minorities

Taking up cudgels on behalf of Christians and Muslims in India, a US Commission has linked the lifting of the remaining economic sanctions against New Delhi to improvement in the condition of minorities

Finally in 2003 Dara Singh and 13 others are sentenced. All get life. Nothing about a hate crime is mentioned? Funny that. Must be normal for people to go around and burn to death children just because they are Christians? Feel sick yet?

Wondering why they are crying for our blood over these students? I sure as hell am.
Hypocrites the lot of them. Feel like a demo in downtown Deli?


RAJ said...

The answer to your spin is very simple. We genuinely felt a wrong has been done if someone is hurt in our country. But we dont see that genuineness and honesty in Australian authorities response. We are not angry at the attackers, we are angry at your Police force and your politicians.

Anonymous said...

Ok non white attackers good White Police bad. You sir are a wanker.

Anonymous said...

I have at agree. RAJ you have no idea WHAT you are talking about. So dont comment. It makes you seem unintelligent.