Friday, June 12, 2009

Australian Marxist Jews Threaten False Flag Op

Oh boy hasn't the Holocaust Museum shooting flushed out the nut jobs. Fight Dem Back co-founder and Melbourne Based Anarchist Jew @ndy has warned Australia that the only way to stop Blood&Honour and the Southern Cross Hammer Skins is if we have a bit of a massacre. Thanks for the tip FDB be sure we will avoid that.

Fight Dem Back Co-Founder @ndy

"In terms of political skirmishes with local nutzis, what should be borne in mind is that, to this point, B&H/SCHS have, in reality, faced relatively little active opposition (hence the focus upon myself as a nasty howwible man). This is principally because a concerted campaign to shut ‘em down depends upon the existence of a much broader political constituency — which, given the de-politicisation/yuppification of the punk sub-culture, on the one hand, and the relative obscurity of B&H/SCHS (and allied groups), on the other, means that their chief ‘obstacle’ (sic) is the state (via such agencies as the ‘Protective Security Intelligence Group’). Barring the occurrence of some such tragedy as has happened in the US, this situation is extremely unlikely to change over the course of the next three months, and the 2009 ISD gig will go ahead in relative safety and security. That said, it’s heartening what can be accomplished by a tiny handful of individuals: something which brings me back to the schmucks scheduled to perform at this year’s event."

Interesting hey. A couple of things can be learnt from this and the other dribble he has written on his site HERE. One that as a rule the NS/WN movement in Australia are law abiding people. Two the Punk Rock movement know this. Three they also know that @ndy and Fight Dem Back are Marxist Jews who work with the State. That is collecting info on us and them. Four @ndy knows that they need a False Flag op to shut us down. At any cost hey @ndy.
Five they have nothing.

See you at I.S.D will we @ndy? Just like in Perth this year? Or just like I.S.D. last year or the year before that oh and the one before that. Its a fact that since 2005 FDB have done nothing. As long as they are the Anti Fa Jewish trouble makers in Australia Nationalist have nothing to fear. Except maybe a False Flag operation.

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