Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bloody Apologise you Racist Anti White Media.

Oh lordy talk about shutting the gate after the horse has bolted. For near on two weeks the Media has been reporting "Racist Attacks on Indian Students". This has led many to assume that these attacks have been carried out by Racist White Aussies. As we all know that when the word racist is used in a White Country they could only be describing the WHITE population.

With out any proof at all the media has found the White Population of this country GUILTY. They have ignored all the evidence and proceeded to slander the good people of Australia just so they can get a headline.

If this type of Media attack had happened to the Non White population of this country we would be seeing blood flowing in the streets. Our Blood. The United Nations would be threatening us with sanctions and the Government would be kicking down the doors and arresting the Journalists on Hate Crimes.

But now the truth is coming out and look at these bastards now trying to drop the Racist tag from the story. We have all known from the start including the Media it has been Black African, Lebanese and Indian Students causing the trouble.

Will Kevin Rudd contact the Indian Government this week and tell them how they are going to crack down on the Racist Non Whites? Will the Indian media and Government appologise for the Racist Anti White comments they have made?

Now that the truth is out watch how this will now become a Law and Order issue. Again only White Folk are Racist.

But it has been known by the Media as well as many in the Government and Police Forces that these attacks have been done by Non Whites. But the Media along with the Government and Police have kept pushing the RACIST angle. All to protect the Multicultural dream.This is a bloody scandal.

These Bastards have fueled tension between White Australian's and Anti White Indian Students. Jeopardising the safety of White Australian's who are currently abroad. They have feed the Racist Anti White Media in Asia with their absolute Bull Shit.

Harris Park violence 'going on for years'

Street thugs in Harris Park, in Sydney's west, were violently attacking elderly white women for a number of years before shifting their focus to Indians, says a NSW politician who raised the problem of violence in the suburb in State Parliament two years ago.

Gordon Moyes, a member of the NSW upper house, said he understood Indian students' rage at being "picked on", but believed the problem of street crime in Harris Park had gone unaddressed for years.

"I found that over a period of time many elderly Anglo-Saxon women were attacked and robbed and had their purses snatched and phones stolen," he said.( That's was before the White Population was chased out thanks to forced integration and Multiculturalism. But did the News Paper report the attacks on the White Majority population back then? NO.)

He said the attacks were mainly carried out by young Middle-Eastern men( Ok so from now on it will be reported as a Law and Order issue nothing to do with racism)

"The target - always the soft targets - moved from elderly people walking on the street to Indian students with laptops. I think elderly 'Anglos' became more cautious in venturing out, and the target shifted to another group." ( What "Anglos" they are all gone now. It is now a melting pot of Islanders and Lebanese. Oh and they are mostly Christian ones at that. Cant blame Islam this time)

Ok here we go..

Mr Moyes did not believe the attacks were motivated by traditional racism.
( Traditional Racism WTF. Is he saying that White people are traditionally racists. That statement alone is Racist. My god this could only happen to White Folk. How did we ever allow it to get to this stage. I feel SICK)

He said the offenders also tended not to be recent immigrants, but were people born in Australia and brought up around the Harris Park and Granville areas.( Second Generation Non Whites. See how Multiculturalism works. Ain't it grand.)

"This has been their turf for as long as they've been alive, and now they've got different people moving in - there's a bit of assertion on street areas." ( You have to be kidding. First they attack and push out the Whites. They have bashed killed and robbed their way into THEIR TURF. And they ain't gunna share it. The world is now officially INSANE)

"Any time any group in the community feels like they are being picked on, whether it's elderly pensioners or young Indian students - and feel no one is doing anything about it - they are going to get angry. (Cronulla was a reaction for that very reason stated. But it is now recorded in History as a RACE RIOT provoked by Neo Nazi's. The White folk involved have all been persecuted by the media the Government and the Marxist Jews. So what will happen this time around? Oh they are Non White victims, they will get a special meeting with the Minister and the Police. This is proof of Anti White Discrimination in this country)

Can you believe this shit.
All this over a bunch of bloody Indian Students. Mean while no one gives a shit about the countless white victims around this country each day. Every Non White and the Majority of White Folk in this world think that only White Folk can be Racists. That gives the world a free shot at us every time. To them its a victimless crime to attack a White Person. We probably deserved it. The White victim probably had a relative who had slaves once or turned their Great Aunt into a lamp Shade or a Bar of soap.

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