Wednesday, June 10, 2009

BNP lets rub it in.

Yeah I know we are sorta pushing the BNP victory a little. We will get back to Australian Issues soon.

What can we say? Well a few things actually. It has been covered here many times and on many other blogs that the BNP hasn't exactly received total support from the WN movement. The Tactics the BNP has used to get elected has and will still create friction among us.

Luckily for many of us who have condemned certain strategies from the BNP we have still kept communications with BNP members. No point throwing the baby out with the bath water. Now it would seem that both positions have been proven correct. Although the BNP has gone Mainstream they have still recieved the same flak they would have got if they decided to stick to the core principles of White Nationalism. It has been their actions alone and their activism that has won them a well deserved victory. No matter how much crap the media or the Hate Groups lumped on them in the end it was water off a ducks back.

No matter what your stand is with the BNP I doubt even their biggest WN critics are unhappy with this result.

What can White National Political Party's learn from this MONUMENTAL VICTORY? Bloody heaps. A lot I wont even go into here for strategic reasons. But the biggest lesson is that it can be done.

For many years in Australia members of the WN movement have lost faith on the Political side of things. Many have said to us that the WN movement will never succeed as a Political Force. They feel it has been better to just belong to groups that support their beliefs and keep all activism to LONE WOLF activities. Look after each other and bad luck to all the others.

While we have all been scattered we have been easy targets for Hate Groups such as Fight Dem Back and other Marxist Anarchists Groups. They pick us off one by one. Targeting the weak and or vulnerable. The BNP have seen these Hate Groups step up the attacks on them with slander and Violence. But they survived. They survived attacks from inside and out. They have only done this by supporting each other. With numbers comes security. With numbers comes strength.

Now not all BNP member's agree with the tactics that have been used by Griffin. But they have seen the bigger picture. From here they can finally use their voice as members to change what they see as wrong or just go along with the flow. My guess they have bigger things on their minds.

The BNP has now found itself in a position of Power and Status. This will allow them to access money, labor, and all the perks that come along as a MEP. They will be able to investigate certain groups and out the Marxist haters and other Hate Groups in the UK. They will be able to give the average White Pom a voice. A voice that has been ignored since the early 70's.

They have done it. There is no turning back from here no second chances. If they fail this time I would say in all honesty the UK is finished.

I ask my fellow Australians to look towards the UK for inspiration. I ask my fellow Aussies to get behind a White Nationalist Party. I ask that you then weather the storm as our British comrade's have done. I ask that you do it now before we end up having to take the same hard road that the BNP has had to take.

Australian Patriots can get behind a WN Party with out having to change the meaning of what it is to be a White Nationalist. We do not have to water down our beliefs at this stage and nor should we. In the end we are dammed if we do and dammed if we don't. We don't have to trim and or sell out our comrade's to fight our way to the top. We just need to get things started.

If you are one of those who has lost faith in gaining Victory please will you now reconsider.

The BNP leader said the first priority of the new BNP team in the European parliament was to send its researchers into the archives to dig out the facts about the conglomerates and corporations which have profited from the privatisation theft of Britain’s “common wealth. The dissolution of the institutions and property of the British nation into the hands of the internationalists is the single greatest piece of larceny in our history,” he said.

“The truth of how the ownership of all our national assets ended up in foreign hands is all there, untouched in the archives. None of the parties want to investigate it. The Tories won’t, because they were the ones who starting selling everything off and gutted British industry. Labour won’t because they carried on with the Tory policy. The Lib-Dems won’t because they hardly have any ideas about anything. The Greens won’t, because they don’t know about it, and UKIP won’t because they are just another corrupt Tory front anyway,” Mr Griffin said.

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