Friday, June 26, 2009

A funny thing is starting to happen.

Not a bad video. It reminded me of a conversation I was having the other night with a few guys from B&H. While sitting in a very beautiful Aussie bush setting having a few beers a friend of friend turned up. She sat and listened to the conversation we were having. After about 5 minutes she jumped into this conversation. Respectfully we sat and listened. This woman who many would call a child of the 60's proceeded to tell us how they the Flower Power generation had got it wrong. She was disgusted at the way things had turned out. Her guilt for being part of the problem was sincere. Her disgust at what has happened to this country was very real.

I remarked after she had left that if the Love and Light people can be awaken from their slumber we still have a chance. No matter how hard we work to get the message out our enemy just by their actions alone are the ones who will help us win back our rights.

This is the 2nd such conversion I have witnessed of late. Times really are a changing.


Anonymous said...

He is correct with his analysis of the hypocrisy of the Jew.

I think the medievalists and the Pagans are fairly closely related the things they value, their heritage and identity.

They are largely unawares to the fact that the Jewish agenda of manufacturing "Goyim" demands not only the erasure of their present existence, but also of their memory.

Many of these would identify with the views of Gentile Anarchy and would reflexively vomit if they understood what the "program" has in store for them.

That program, the manufacturing of "Goyim" of which Faux Kosher Anarchists and FightDemBack are an integral part, demands the destruction of all that is and all that was. It demands the elimination of all "Gentile" cultures so that each individual may be inducted into the Noahidiotic "Jew"/ "Goy" paradigm.

If they knew, they would reject it. But they do not know. They must not know, because these works can only be accomplished in darkness and in stealth.

Reject the Peurile Noahidiocy of the Scoundrel and the minstrels of misfortune.

Rythym shtik said...

I's been thinking WhiteLaw about the origins of "FightDemBack".

It can only be a derivative of the old Polish? proverb, " The Jew cries out in pain each time he strikes you."

What do you reckon ?

Picture the Jew, with tears in his Kapo eyes, administering the psychotic Tikkun Olam of Judas Iscariot as only he can. Think of the pain it causes him, and how much it grieves him that this is the only way he can make us the better people that he knows we can be.

Nutz ? or what.

Whitelaw Towers said...

I agree cheers.