Friday, June 05, 2009

Indian Bashed! By Non Whites. Here is the proof.

As the Government ramps up it's race hate laws to silence White Australian's we all get a glimpse of who the attackers are. As the media & Government portray the attacks on Indian Students as Race Hate attacks the real culprits get away. Once again. Do you ever get the feeling you are being screwed?

It is obvious that this Indian Student who is shown no mercy is being bashed and stomped by Islanders or some other Dark Skinned group of youths. Maybe these guys have joined a White Nationalist web site and become racists.

White Australians are racially abused and attack on a daily basis by Non Whites who the Government have brought into this country. Yet no one speaks for us. No demos no special treatment. That is reserved for Non White victims only. For the Government to admit that these crimes are being carried out by Non White youths would be an admission of failure. But when White Australians finally grew some balls and stood up it was a Race Riot. Controlled by Nazis. When the Indians do it it is a Peace Rally with a few peaceful Anarchists.

The media by portraying these attacks on Indians as Racially motivated have now put Whitey right in the middle once again. Every Non White with a chip on their shoulder once again see White Folks as legitimate targets. They deserve it because White people are Racist.

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