Monday, June 01, 2009

International Crisis! India and Australia at WAR. Well sorta.

Hey they do have NUKES you know. Fairdinkum look what this little gathering of Indians has turned into. This blog has been smashed with visitors from India. Why? Because the Indian media is making as much out of this as they can. Sound familiar?

Seems the Indian people are still aloud to be Nationalist. Unlike us.

Indian and Pakistani blogs are eating this crap up with a spoon. The biggest NON Story of the week. Here is just a few.

First from Pakistan. These guys are all over it. They even come up with stuff that we have never heard of. Source

Australians react to 80,000 (what they call) “smelly” Indians on campuses with “Dot Busting”
Now I must live under a rock I have never heard of Dot Busting.
The Australian Police does not accept the Indian claim that racism is involved. Some of the female Indian “students” have been caught as prostitutes, and there is the general perception that many of the Indian students sell drugs in Australia.
Who knows about that? Could be true?
Some Australians have accused the Indians of using Black Magic for seduction purposes
Fair Dinkum WTF. Must be Black African Australians who say that.

A section of Australia feels that they are being overwhelmed by India.
Would that be the Pacific Islander Australians? I think they are still a little pissed off that India and China are carving up their country of origin.

Privately the Aussies are seething at the Indian attitude. “Who they hell they think they are?. If they don’t like it, they can go back to Smellyland”.
Hell this guy in Pakistan has better connections than us. But at least we are saying it privately I guess. Its a long way from bashing students.

Their dietary habits of not eating meat gives them away in a few seconds. Also the red dot on their forehead is a dead giveaway.
Now that one made me laugh.

Now from the land that gave us Bolly Wood and call centers. Source

Already in the news, each one of you must be following the stories of how Indian students are being attacked and racially abused in Australia. What I was hearing in television news is that Aussie bloggers are now spewing poison on Indians.
Now I told ya I had a lot of readers. But I think they are missing the point.
We condemn terrorism. But what is going on at present? Is it any less than terrorism? Does terrorism only mean some culprits with AK-47s?
Oops we just made the axis of evil page. We are Terrorists now. Geez. With Obama at the Helm he would love to use force to bust down those Racist White Folk.

How would these Aussies feel if some of their young boys or girls were brutally assaulted in some other country and that countrys people start spewing poison on Aussies? Exactly how would their reaction be in such circumstances?
Apparently we are perfectly safe around the world especially in India. Just Google Australian Murdered in India you dud. And what would happen if one of us got bashed? Well we would never hear about it. But maybe we should have a demo in India? Hell our cops just move the demonstrators on India's cops would shoot us DEAD.

Here we go Threat number ONE
I am worried about the Indian behavior now. How long will the Indians tolerate such hateful attitude from the Aussies?

What if revenge becomes an issue now? Who will be responsible for this?
Obviously the White Australians. Hell its always WHITEY.

Threat number TWO
What if tomorrow some aggressive Indians assault an Aussie tourist or a student in India?
NOTHING that's been my point from the START.

Here is a bit of Indian RACISM
What is happening in Australia is nothing new. They are better known to do such acts. History says so, not me.
You sure about that?

Can you believe this crap punters? Old K.RUDD will have his hands full with this. So who will be the White Aussie our very own Government will sacrifice to keep these bastards happy?

All those fees they will lose. Someone will have to be publicly sacrificed for this. Its about money now.

So we have a bunch of NON WHITES bashing Indian Students. Non Whites the Government forced on us. So who will pay for this in the end? Some poor White person taking a holiday in India. Or maybe some skinny white kid on a train in Victoria. What else? Well I expect more Hate Crime laws to silence the White Folk of Australia more Internet Censorship and the list goes on. Nice work once again New World Order.


Anonymous said...

LOLz. Am Indian, but what you write is funny in a way. I of course, in my wise ways, do think Australians could change a few ways in their life. But I have more words for my own kind. On a serious note, I am sure a country should try to protect its citizens anywhere. But the way our media has promoted 'hatred' against Australians is appaling. I am not sure what they aim to finally achieve. Surely, in the short term it will place good pressure. But I doubt it would lead to anything but measured hatred in time to come. They way we talk about 'australians' just shows we are as racist as we expect you to be. So its quits now!

I am sure there is may be reasonable amount of 'racist' views about us Indians in Australia. Something to be tackled if its true. But really, this maybe the same in almost every country for all people different from the locals.

Raj said...

Do you really think this started as something between India and Australia? Do you really think that Indian media is solely responsible for making this issue a big deal.
Well, for me, this issue became big when I saw on TV, an australian deputy Commissioner saying that Indians were only at a wrong place at the wrong time and that Indians were soft targets because they travel alone with expensive laptops and ipods. Oh yes, I also read in news that an Australian cop suggested that Indians should move to " safer" suburbs (the Indian ambassador to AU responded to this).
Now its your country but when you open up offices all over India and invite and welcome us as students to your country and then we see a biased (i resist from writing racist) Police force, what do you expect. Why should we not travel at night alone? Why should we not carry expensive gadgets? What should we move to suburbs to be safe? Is the Australian public sleeping. can you not see that the Police is trying to brush this under the carpet. Can you not see that the police is trying to hide its inefficiency and utter uselessness by telling Indians to not carry expensive gadgets.
This could have been easily avoided simply by the Police assuring the students that they will protect them but no, first they refused to accept that there was a problem and when they were forced to admit a problem, they blamed the victims. Rather than trying to catch the attackers, they are tryig to teach the Indians how to be safe??
If we had a police commissioner like that in our city in India, he would have been sacked.

Rabbit_Proof_Fence said...

Mate, you've misspelled *allowed* and folks go to Oz to get an education! What a waste...LOL

Anyways, your sense of humor is passable...what is your take on the racial discrimination of Aborigines?

Do they still exist in reservations or Aussie policies have finally managed to wipe them out? LOL

Whitelaw Towers said...

My take on Aborigines and Racial discrimination?

I do know the Indians don't like them nor do the Sudanese. Not to mention the Asians. The Muslims like them and convert a few in Prison. But last time I saw some they looked happy enough.

Reservations? Nah we have town camps. Maybe you could tell us about it? Us evil white folk are not allowed to go to these camps.

But from I hear it is a 24hr party.

Sorry about the spelling. I have been reading to many Indian blogs. lol.