Friday, June 12, 2009

Joke of the day.

Hell who didnt see this coming? We did here.

"88 year old escaped Nazi War Criminal SS Officer James von Brunn has returned to finish the job he started in 1944. Nutzi war Criminal Brunn who is 88 (that's code for Adolf Hitler sarcasm people) entered the Holocaust museum in Washington today carrying a rifle and a copy of the Turner Diary's. He was also wearing a I luv the BNP T shirt".

Anyway the good old English Press are at it again along with the Marxist Jews at Searchlight.


"A white supremacist who killed a security guard at a Holocaust memorial in the US has links to the British National party, which gained two MEPs in last week's European elections.

Yesterday it emerged that Von Brunn, a longtime antisemite, had attended meetings of the American Friends of the British National party (AFBNP), set up to raise funds from far-right activists in America.

However, anti-racism campaigners said Von Brunn's links to the BNP underlined its extremist agenda.

"It is clear that Nick Griffin is at the centre of an international network of white supremacists," said Dan Hodges from Searchlight. "The BNP must explain the full extent of his organisation's links with this antisemitic gunman."

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