Monday, June 01, 2009

Milky Bar Kid (KRUDD) Grovels and Crawls

Sure contact the Prime Minister of India and apologize for the bashing of a couple Indian students. But Kev what about these people?

Elderly woman bashed to death

Foreign student (Indian)on bail over 14yo's rape

Adelaide woman kidnapped, bashed and raped over drug deal

Hell Kev here is a bloody list mate here. All you need to do is contact the News Paper. They can give you the details on how to contact the victims. Im sure they would all like an apology. I mean after all it is your fault and that of previous Governments that these people have had to suffer.

You remember them Kev they are fellow Australians. The ones who voted for you. Or don't they count?

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Anonymous said...

K.Rudd is one snivelling little shit!

I thought Blair was bad, just hope he's not in power as long as Blair!