Thursday, June 04, 2009

More Anti White Jewish Racism

Oh yes here we go again. This time we have the Jewish Defense League in the UK. In an email to a member of the National Front in the UK this Jew truly shows the world who the haters are. Original Link HERE. Special Thanks to the Swindon National Front. You guys must be doing something right. Keep up the good work.

I will just reproduce the juicy bits. Warning bloody disgusting.

"Why are the majority of peadophiles all anglo saxons, with almost no peadophiles coming from the Black, Muslim, or Jewish nations ? The answer is clear when one looks at where the english came from, and what their breeding is."

"When Jewish men and Jewesses from the kingdom of Judea were building King Solomon's magnificent golden temple, with wisdom of astrology and science, the anglo saxons were litrely rolling around in thier own filth, like the english vermin they were, and are."

"these are still the classic traits of the modern english culture - peadophilia & child obesiety."

"Filth have no culture to celerbrate, unless you count being obesse, going bright pink in the sun, sexualy abusing your own kids, and lacking any ambition, education, or intelligence, as cultural reference points !"

"So most anglo saxons do not work, actualy relying on the goyim goverment to fund their meagre, filthy existance"

"When sush areas are exposed to civilised society, the squaller created by the anglo saxon vermin begins to subside, and eventualy dissapear; evidenced by the enviromental improvement to towns like Golders Green, that have seen crime and unemplyment erradicated, with the dissapearance of the english, and emergance of Jews and Asians to the area."

"When considering the anglo saxon problem, contemplate the greatest prime minister, that these vermin have ever had the privalege to by goverened by. Benjamin Disraeli, a child of Israel, direct desecendant from the house of Jacob. Surrounded by english filth, he resided over them all, as their prime minister, and he proclaimed in their own neanderthal parliament -"

“When my Jewish ancestors were announcing eternal truths to humanity in the hills of Judea,” said Disraeli to the members of Parliament, “your ancestors, my dear Gentlemen, were wild herdsmen trotting behind herds of pigs in the hills of these isles.”


Well people feel like venting yet? If so email this prick. JEWISH DEFENSE LEAGUE UK


Anonymous said...

The talmud condones paedophillia, it positively promotes it!

From Sanhedrin: "When a man has sex with a boy it is nothing"

Anonymous said...

Fancy that ! And some AngloSaxons, Celts and the rest of us Goyim thought the Jews were our friends. They're the "best we've got".
Its a bit like JC and the rest of the disciples believing Judas Iscariot to be a "friend", and getting Shat on, but Judaism is the religion of Judas Iscariot after all. He is their "Messiah" and they collectively are "HIM". Apparently JC was as envious of Judas and the Pharisee as we are of Judas' disciples.
Our communities drown in the lying Jizz of the Jew who unashamedly identify by a religion of codified self abuse as "the Chosen"...which of course they are not, but impostors and collaborators who fight their wars by proxy.

At present they are attempting to goad stupid Goyim into doing over the Iranians for them, just as they did with the German "Amelek". They'll come out of this as squeaky clean victims and we'll take the historical rap for the necessarily dirty deeds done dirt cheap.

There is no honor in fighting for Jews....only shame. Let it, the lie, wither on the vine, as it will if left exposed in the light of truth for what it is.

Anonymous said...

Google race traitor Darrin Hodges name with the JDL.

Hodges thinks that in his campaign against muslims, something I can agree with to a certain extent, he can cozy up to the hook noses with impunity. ESPECIALLY the radical JDL hooknoses.

By Lies said...

Announcing an eternal truth of the Chosen ?

"When a man has sex with a boy it is nothing".

Surely "Judaism" is the Dirty Old Man of the religious world.

"By Deception thou shalt do War" and by Lies thou shalt live Life.

Give us "Gentiles" anything but the Peurile Noahidiocy of the "Jews".