Sunday, June 14, 2009

Most Anti White comment of the week. Goes to Australian Anti Racist Group. "Fight Dem Back."

Of course it was posted on a Anarchist Jews web site. Oh did I mention the guy who runs it is a Co-Founder of Australia's leading Anti Racism NGO. Let it rip.

Common Sense Jun 13th, 2009 at 7:39 am

You white power idiots need to face the fact that in a matter of YEARS you won’t even be here anymore. Less than 8% of the world population is white. You talk about a “multicultural agenda”? If the white man had stayed in the caves of Europe where he belonged, there would be no multiculturalism! You are the ones who decided to colonize everywhere on earth. You are genetically inferior and will soon be bred out. Good. So to all of you American idiots, go watch Nascar, eat mayonnaise and white bread and screw your sisters you backwoods idiots. To all you Australians, you diseased offspring of mental defectives, Australia is a BRITISH PENAL COLONY for God’s sake. You are all descendants of murderers and rapists. You New Zealand wankers are in the same boat. To all you English inbred, pasty white, incest having losers, you can all go to hell. The sun set on you a looonnnggg time ago. You can all go kill yourselves.


Can you feel the love people? Now should we make a complaint to HREOC?

I think @ndy is trying to push some buttons hey. Looking for some type of reaction maybe? Possibly a crazed Nazi gunning down Marxists in the streets seeking revenge? You guys are truly getting desperate. I thought Zionist Jews are supposed to be smart? Well so they say.

People ignore his provocations. Don't take the bait. That's what they are looking for. They are desperate for ammunition to fire at us. Let them look like the Racist Anti White Wankers they are. But please feel free to spread the word of this Anti White Racism from these Marxists.

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