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The Plot Thickens. False Flag Washington Holocaust Museum.

CNN Transcripts of the Holocaust Museum shootings. Take special not of what I have highlighted in RED.

KYRA PHILLIPS, CNN ANCHOR: All right. Apologize for that. That's obviously not Maria.

But Ed Henry, I know you were able to -- you saw her again and were able to bring her in for a live shot. Maybe she can give that account now on camera about what she saw.

HENRY: She can. That's right.

I have Maria here. She lives here in the United States. Some of her relatives are here visiting from Puerto Rico. So they were going to the museum.

Describe what you saw, Maria.

MARIA: Well, we were in the "Remember the Children" exhibit. We were just exiting and we heard shooting.

I ran towards the glass doors to see what was going on. I thought it was a joke or something. And there I could see a security man pull out his gun and shoot towards the shooter.

I also saw another security man on his belly. There was blood everywhere. So I didn't actually see him get shot, but I saw that he was badly hurt and he did get shot.

HENRY: And then you saw some of the return fire from the security personnel?

MARIA: Yes, it hit the security man. I am not sure where, but he was flat on his back.

HENRY: Do you remember what floor -- is that the second floor?

MARIA: We were on the second floor, right where "Remember the Children" was. I could see a few other security people there.

HENRY: And describe the scene. How many people were around the security personnel? Were there people near where the gun shots were being fired?

MARIA: No, people ran as far away as possible. They were running towards me, towards the "Remember the Children" exhibit.

People were on the floor. No one was standing up. No one dared move. We were all very scared. Finally, I ran back towards where my grandparents were to see if they were OK. And there we stayed until further instructions on how to go from the building, just exit the building safely.

HENRY: And so were you able to ascertain -- you said that it appeared that the one security guard who had been shot described -- it sounded like it was a bad scene.

MARIA: It was, just terrible. I looked back, and what I saw from, there was already a lot of blood on the floor. It was just heartbreaking, because I spoke to a security guard earlier who was very friendly. And it just hurts to see him just fall, yes.

HENRY: And so was this near where some of the metal detectors were and entry point to the museum?

MARIA: I wasn't close enough to see, but they were shooting towards the entrance of the museum. So I am assuming that they were. They were heading towards there. All the security guards were running towards the entrance of the museum.

HENRY: And so this children's exhibit you were talking about where you were is close to that, and so that is close to the front of the museum that's on the 14th Street side?

MARIA: Yes. You go up the stairs and there it is. It's outside of the actual museum. You don't go inside. You wait outside in the lobby to wait for you to enter the museum, the actual Holocaust Museum.

HENRY: And did you see the original shooter? You said that there were shots fired by the security personnel, return fire. Did you see him get hit?

MARIA: No, I didn't actually see him get hit. I already ran to the back. I didn't want to be near the entrance anymore.

HENRY: And when we say "him," did you get an idea of what he looked like, how old he was?

MARIA: No, not at all. I just ran from the building as fast as I could. I didn't want to stay to look. I really didn't.

HENRY: OK. And did you get any sense of what weapon the original shooter had? There were some reports of a shotgun or something like that. Were you able to ascertain that?

MARIA: From what I heard, it did not seem -- it sounded like a handgun, like the ones that the security guards had. It wasn't very loud.

I thought that the security guards were just shooting, but then I know that they were shooting at someone. So it sounded like a small gun. It did not sound very loud. It sounded like the ones that the security guards -- almost the same as the ones the security guards were shooting. HENRY: OK, so a very dramatic scene you're talking about that played out.

Describe what other people -- you seem to have stayed pretty calm through all this. I have heard other eyewitnesses say there were some screaming, there was some -- describe the scene.

MARIA: Oh yes. There was chaos everywhere. People were running towards me trying to get into the "Remember the Children" exhibit, because that's the place that people were on the floor. Everyone was trying to just stay calm and exit the building. I actually was too busy to see where my grandparents were to really care what was going on.

HENRY: And your grandparents are sitting right near us and they are well.

MARIA: Yes, they are well, thank God. I was just trying to see where they were and make sure they were OK.

HENRY: OK. And then describe -- some eyewitnesses say that then the security personnel, once they accounted for people in the building, told some people to start running, clear the scene. Describe that.

MARIA: Yes. They were like "Run. Run." As soon as they knew there was a clear way for us to go, "Run and do not stop. Do not look back."

I tried to go back for my grandparents. They were like, "Just go. Just go. We'll take care of it. Just go. Get out of here."

So, yes -- so...

HENRY: OK. And then what happened once you got outside the building? Because when we got there, we have now been pushed a full block away towards the Washington Monument.

Describe the scene out on 14th Street once you cleared the building.

MARIA: All the people that worked in the museum were like, "Get away from the museum as much as possible. Get on the lawn."

They were pushing people to get on the lawn. From the lawn, they told us to even go further from there. They just -- and they actually told us to turn our backs towards the museum at one point. If you are going to stay there, turn your backs off the museum. It was just, "Get out, get away, get away." That's the main goal.

HENRY: Do you live here in Washington? Have you been to the museum before?

MARIA: Yes, I have been to the museum, actually. And I just took my grandparents there for the first time. So, yes. HENRY: Yes, obviously a very harrowing scene. You seem to have stayed very calmly. Appreciate you spending so much time with us explaining what you saw.

MARIA: No problem. No problem.

HENRY: So you heard it right from Maria. She was there on the scene.

Obviously, it sounds like a very tragic scene in terms of the security officer -- we don't have a name yet -- who was down, as Maria describes it, face down, bleeding profusely amid the back-and-forth gunfire in trying to stop this shooter. A very chaotic scene in there -- Kyra.

PHILLIPS: All right. Ed Henry there in front of the Holocaust Museum for us.

Ed, you had actually a chance not to talk to Maria, who had some pretty incredible testimony there, but you talked to other eyewitnesses, and they were able to confirm they heard five shots. We have now been able to confirm one security guard shot, transported to the hospital. The alleged gunman shot, transported to the hospital.

Have you learned anything else about the confrontation between the gunman and security, if the gunman said anything or was there any type of demands made, or anything when he entered that museum? Does Maria by chance know if the gunman said anything?

HENRY: That's a really good question.

If I could ask you one more question, Maria -- I have not in my reporting been able to determine whether or not the shooter said anything as he entered the building. Did you hear -- what was going on? Was the shooter saying anything while they were shooting at him?

MARIA: All I heard was, like, a very angry yell. I'm not sure if it was from the shooter. There was just a very angry yell coming out from the entrance. That could have been the shooter, but I didn't see him, so I'm not sure if it was him. But it was just angry.

HENRY: He wasn't airing any grievances or anything that you could hear?

MARIA: No, not at all.

HENRY: And what were the security personnel -- were they saying, "Drop the weapon," things like that?

MARIA: Yes, they were like, "Get on the floor! Drop the weapon! Drop the weapon!" Once he didn't respond, they started shooting.



HENRY: Thank you again, Maria.

So you hear -- that's the best we can determine right now, are from the eyewitnesses. We're still trying to get more information from law enforcement on the scene.

As you know in Washington, there are many layers of law enforcement from the Metropolitan Police Department, Secret Service police, Park Police, because this is a U.S. Park Police area here, right around the Washington Monument. You can still hear the siren around me of various law enforcement personnel overlapping authorities, responding to this scene, trying to blanket the scene.

You can still hear this park police helicopter flying over me as well. That has been on the scene throughout. In addition to, of course, all the media descending upon the scene, a lot of tourists who saw something, heard something. We're talking to them and a lot of other people who were nearby and are just trying to figure out exactly what happened.

So, we're trying to get more information from law enforcement. We are expecting more press conferences and updates, so that's what we'll work on next -- Kyra.

PHILLIPS: Got it. Keep working your sources for us, Ed. I'll kind of recap for our viewers. Let me know as soon as you have something.

I am also being told the police chief there on the scene now. Here's some pictures coming to us, live pictures, actually, from our affiliate WJLA there in Washington, D.C.

The mayor on the scene. The police chief on the scene. You can see Mayor Fenty right there with his hand on his chin, obviously talking with law enforcement, and also it looks like some reporters there trying to get word with him as well.

We are following these live pictures. Let me bring you up to date until we hear from the mayor, from the police chief, from anybody else there at the scene.

This has been going on for a little more than an hour right now. We got word that there was possibly a shooting at the United States Holocaust Museum in Washington, D.C. We have now been able to confirm that. A shooting did, indeed, take place.

We were able to hear from Sergeant David Schlosser. He's with the U.S. Park Police. He gave a news conference just a few minutes.

Here is what happened.

A man entered the museum either with a rifle or a shotgun. At this point, police say it was just described as a long gun.

He entered into the museum. They're not sure if he went through the metal detectors or not. And immediately, gunfire erupted. According to police, the gunman opened fire on one of the armed security guards there at the museum. You heard from 19-year-old Maria. She was a witness there inside the museum.

She said she heard the security guards demand that that gunman put his gun down. When he didn't do that, they opened fire.

"He entered into the museum. They're not sure if he went through the metal detectors or not. And immediately, gunfire erupted. According to police, the gunman opened fire on one of the armed security guards there at the museum. You heard from 19-year-old Maria. She was a witness there inside the museum." Oh no that's not what she said folks. she said. MARIA: Yes, they were like, "Get on the floor! Drop the weapon! Drop the weapon!" Once he didn't respond, they started shooting.

So in short the security guard is shot by another guard after they shoot first. As I have said this stinks. Did he even have a gun?


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bushranger said...

Yes, visitors to the Holohoax Museum get past the metal detectors on a regular basis carrying all sorts of firearms!

Anyone that believes that this is anything other than yet another staged event I believe Morgan Stanley have some AAA rated CMBS to sell you at par, ROTFL.

Furthermore the alleged attacker was shot in the face. How convenient.