Tuesday, June 09, 2009

"Racist Attacks on Indian Students Australia"

Well we have the headline, now for the truth. It looks like the bashing White Folk have received from the media and anti racist groups over this crap is about to end. Seems the truth is getting out. What to do.

"Indians rally after 'racist' assault" It should read Non Whites hate each other! T.N.B

June 09, 2009 05:03am Source

A PROTEST by a group of Indian men in Sydney's west has dispersed.

"Police say a crowd of about 150 people of Indian background had gathered at Wigram and Marion Streets in Harris Park last night, in protest at an assault on an Indian man aged in his 20s which occurred earlier in the evening by a group of men of Middle Eastern background.

A police spokeswoman said the man received minor injuries in the attack, but did not want to pursue the matter.

Shortly afterwards, a large crowd of Indian men congregated on Wigram St, where it is alleged they assaulted three men of Middle Eastern appearance who received minor cuts and bruises.

The trio were treated by ambulance officers.

Police remained in the area to monitor the remaining protesters, but a spokeswoman said they had now dispersed."

Well what do you know. The only white people involved are the Para Medics and the Police. Will we see this report on Australia's Anti Racist org Fight Dem Back? Of course not. Will we see this report from the Jew Anarchist and State Informer @ndy slackbastard? No its not white enough.

Now are the Lebs in Sydney going to seek revenge for this apparent sudden growth of balls from the Indian Students? Will we now see a spate of violent confrontations and gang attacks between these Non Whites? Well the answer is yes. Do White Nationals think this is some funny shit? Oh you bet.

I find this all very amusing. What about you guys at FDB? What will you do now? Hey Indians and Lebs also served in the German Army in WW2. So they must be Nazi's also.
Racist Nazis are all over the place and in your backyards. Come on FDB don't hold back go get em.

Hell this will be an interesting anti racist rally now wont it.

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So who are the victims? Well these victims all seem White to me. And the attackers? You be the judge. Angry yet? You bloody well should be.

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Anonymous said...

We had paki's fighting jamaicans in London not so long back:

The photographs are somewhat surreal, a wellington boot flying through the air and a paki with his arse hanging out!