Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Revolution is in the air?

Nice find here from Britain Awake.

Above Weyman Bennett. This guy is the ultimate in the eyes of Fight Dem Back. He is a Black Anti Fascist. Something we suspect members of FDB have always wanted to be. This guy is the KING. Just like FDB he thinks that Democracy doesn't work unless it works for you and you only. His thoughts on the recent election results from the BNP.

"We cannot allow this to happen. It is vital that we mobilise the largest possible mass movement across every walk of life to stop the fascist BNP and drive them out of the political mainstream."

Ummm I suppose voting them out just doesn't cut it hey. How about a good old Soviet style Purge instead.

He truly has watched this video and has all the key words ready for action.

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Anonymous said...

Weyman bell-end is a god-send to British nationalism, every time he opens his mouth he puts his big fat monkey feet in it!

If only he got more airtime, our job would be so much easier!