Tuesday, June 02, 2009

So what exactly is the problem?

Australian Police

Indian Police

Now just to show that not all Non Whites are Racist who come to Australia (sarcasm) this from a Non White member at Anarchist @ndy's fraudulent Anarchist site. here.

I am a skilled migrant from Sri Lanka and when i came here i brought about 35k with me.In about 2 months since i arrived here i got a job in my profession and has been working ever since for the last 3 years.So far i have not sent a single cent back to Sri Lanka and every thing i earn, i either consume here or save here in Aussi banks or paytax.I do not have a fleet of babies.Just one and my wife is studying here and i do not a get a welfare payment or anything like that.So how can i be a burden to this society.Infact i am earning more than an average australian and pay more tax than an average australian and fill a vacancy that employers cannot find an educated aussi and contributing to the economy and tax system in this country.My whole point is not every migrant coming to this country is a scum bag as some fool suggested here and there are lot of migrants who add value to this country…much more than some aussi born crap who does not work hard or learn hard.

Obviously an English Teacher.

And for our Indian readers

Interesting. Look out India you guys are looking as bad as us. I would say worse.

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