Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Very Strange Case of Brendon O'Connell

Boy it just gets stranger and stranger. Having followed what has been going on with Brendon O'Connell since the Seacret video we now seem to be more confused than ever. We ventured away from the WN/NS movement and visited the world of conspiracy. We did this so we could follow Brendon's arrest and his solo campaign against Zionism.

At first we felt as if we could learn from some of these people and possibly use them as a good reference point on certain articles we may publish. We also wanted to see what support Brendon was getting from his friends.

Surprisingly we found that infighting and Jew baiting is considerably worse in the Anti Zionist Non Racialist camp than anything you have ever seen at Storm Front. Now that's saying something.

Here we have a group of very intelligent people all seemingly fighting the same enemy yet totally fractured. Just like the WN movement was back during periods between 2005-07 before the Purge. It sorta got us thinking. But that's another article. I will say that the comparison between what is going on with these guys is a mirror of us a few years ago. It is a little unnerving. One thing we all have in common is that we do tend to get special treatment from the Thought Police and their controllers. Not to mention our fair share of agent provocateurs.

I will at this stage just put up what we are all supposed to know. Who knows what the hell is truly going on. I do know that at this stage I have no idea who can be trusted. Two days of reading comments and following some sites has given me the shits and has me a little worried.

Anyway when it comes to these guys your guess is as good as mine.

Part One

Part 2

Part 3


Whitelaw Towers said...

One thing is for sure Brendon's name always seems to attract a lot of visits from Israel to this blog.

In fact besides a few that we got early in the year we have had none. But they sure like to keep an eye on Brendon.

Anonymous said...

Within days of Brendon O'Connell being arrested, a fabricated hit-piece titled "Analysis Of A (So-Called) Racist" appeared on the extremely-dubious site. The title of this wholly unsubstantiated piece has since been revised to "Closer Analysis Of A Racist".

The Jew-shill known as "Poseidon", operator of the and domains, has recently stated via the Stormfront forum that he believes Mike Rivero "correctly" promoted this malicious hit-piece that was done on Brendon O'Connell. This contrived, opportunistic, and cowardly hit-piece claims that Brendon O'Connell is a police "agent-provocateur" who "infiltrated" The Friends Of Palestine organisation to "discredit" this group so to "finally silence legitimate political critics of Israel".

One of the co-authors of this hit-piece is an Australian Jew from Perth who goes by the name of Steve Johnson. Johhnson and I had a brief exchange of e-mail and insults soon after his hit-piece on O'Connell was published. In his e-mail of 16th May, Johnson confirmed that he is a Jew but I had already figured that out before I contacted him. Johnson is not the only Jew who writes for the site.

Other Jewish writers who are involved with this dodgy website include Mordechai Schmuel, a Sydney-based Israeli-American dual citizen whose father was a commando with the Israel Defense Forces, and David Ribivnitz an American Jew from Las Vegas whose father is an Israeli diplomat. Johnson also operates the and domains. The latter carries a foreword by Rabbi Jerry Goldstein on its' homepage.

Johnson operates the "Stopfundingisrael" YouTube account wherein a trilogy of videos titled "Israeli spy ring in Australia Exposed" were posted on 9th June 2009. As was the case with "Anarchore" of, Johnson has plagiarised Brendon O'Connell's research and passed this research off as if it were his own. Having taking control of O'Connell's work, the Jew-shills are now acting as gatekeepers. At the the end of the third part of Johnson's trilogy, there is a list of credits. Among those credited in are "Poseidon", his right-hand man James "Infensus Mentis/Crimes of Zion" Linton, Suzette "Fredd" "Cathar" "Whippette" Bates, and "Anarchore".

The deceivers have even included Brendon O'Connell's name among the credits so to make it appear as if he was a part of this project. He wasn't. Brendon had nothing to do with this other than provide the research that these despicable Jew-bastards have stolen and exploited for their own ends. Once again, the Jew-shills expose themselves further. How much more obvious could these Jew-maggots be?

To view this text with embedded hyperlinks, please visit:

(Scroll down the page until you arrive at the 'Judas Goat' image.)

For further information regarding the attacks on Brendon O'Connell, Michael Stewart and Jim Kerr, please visit:

Whitelaw Towers said...

FugaziQuo and any of the other people who are involved in all of this. Please head my warnings.

From what I have seen this is exactly what happened to the Racialist movement in Australia. Just the names, well screen names differ.

I think what would really worry the enemy is if we start comparing notes.

Funny how Storm Front, Jewish Task Force and Victoria keeps coming up. Not to mention the tactics. Fairdinkum I could swear that the same people who caused so much trouble with the WN movement are involved somehow. Or at the very least all groups have the same Jewish Puppet Masters/controllers.

I refuse to take a side at the moment. But I do watch with interest to see who floats to the top. It will be interesting to see what connection they may have with in the WN movement.

I would not like to be them when they are found.

To the WN/NS people reading this. If you cant afford the time to check this stuff out re FugaziQuo don't. This is their battle at the moment. We as a movement have just come out of 5 years of sabotage infiltration and malicious BS. Thats 5 years we have lost in the struggle. 5 years that has allowed the destruction of our people go on unabated.

If you decide to take a side or help these guys out go for it. Try and keep it away from the movement. But be sure to keep us all up to date with the Sayanim they may uncover.

WLT can multi-task so we will keep an eye on what happens. We think we already know some of the common enemy in both camps.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Another thing FugaziQuo. I found this comment that I believe sums up a lot of what goes on within groups.
"their best sleeper agents don't even know they are in fact agents."

Now I am sure many good people who are on the same side as you or I don't even know that they are being manipulated.

We are dealing with people who are true believers in most cases. But they find it very hard to admit a mistake. That doesn't make them sayanim that makes them human.

I think the enemy in both camps would never show his hand so easy. But they will manipulate others and use them as the fall guy once they out live their purpose.

Its a complicated world one that is made even more complicated by the Zionists.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Saint H

"Here's a good piece I just came across on Brendon O'Connell"

Mate after watching the crap fight over at Ziofascism I'm afraid I will not buy into it. You do know that their is some type of turf war on who is the biggest Anti Zionist between a lot of these people? I hate to do this but Im afraid I will not post any negative comments from any of these groups with out a return email.

This site in the end is a Radical Racialist site set up to expose the Marxist Jews and Sayanim who are destroying Australia.

So at the moment I haven't anytime for Alex Jones type BS. Considering they have no time for people such as us.

I tend to get cranky when an Anti Zionist or Anti NWO person calls people like us Nazi's and condemns us with Jewish propaganda. I expect that sort of crap from the Left and the Zionist media.

In my observation their is some very strange and suspect activists in that camp. They need to clean up their own act.

Sorry Saint H. Those people and people like myself maybe fighting the same battle? But we are traveling on a different road. The road I travel doesn't attack allies.

Anonymous said...

No problem Whitelaw Towers, personally all that the anti-zionists and their quest for "who is the biggest anti-zionist" has made me realize that ultimately all I care about now is my race, the Noble Aryan race. I've realized that anti-zionism won't accomplish anything as the internal conflicts between other arab tribes are just as bad and wouldn't go away even if israel was wiped off the map. I think the only solution is for an Arab country to step in and resolve it, and really until then I don't care anymore. All I've seen from anti-zionism is nutjobs with conspiricy theories, whacked out talk of gatekeepers, and constant accusations of people being jews. I view islam as something semitic just like judaism and have the same equal disdain for both groups. From now on all I care about is my Volk.

Whitelaw Towers said...

I'm with you Brother. Their is still some good people over their but getting bogged down with their problems will distract us in the end. As long as we can use some of them as good sources to back up our arguments I am happy with that.

I think the problem with some of these guys is that they only have one issue. Zionism. But our battle is for the actual survival of our heritage and folk. We have to fight a battle on many fronts.

For a White Nationalist to win we must identify the source of the many problems driving our people into the sea. Many of us have identified the problem. If we are going to waist any time it should be with our own people. The Racialist who has come under the spell of Zionism and works and gives comfort to the enemy.

Its not hate that drives us its the fear of loosing our identity.

Anonymous said...

"For a White Nationalist to win we must identify the source of the many problems driving our people into the sea. Many of us have identified the problem. If we are going to waist any time it should be with our own people. The Racialist who has come under the spell of Zionism and works and gives comfort to the enemy.

Its not hate that drives us its the fear of loosing our identity."-Whitelaw Towers

Awesome statement Comrade, I find it a big issue as well that people are getting to involved with zionism, and I've recently come to my own personal belief that if you support a palestinian state your basically supporting zionism, as I find it hard to believe that the Arabs aren't behind israel as well. Considering the relationships with the Saudi's and the West and just this week they announced that the oil companies that Saddam Hussein expelled from Iraq are lining back up for oil contracts but with the condition they "help rebuild" the country they destroyed, it's hard to rebute the fact that in the end this is all over oil. Really I'm starting to view the Arabs as the new "house negro" like how the civil rights movement used the american negro in the past to further they're cause. Alot of anti-zionism is simply veiled hate for israel, and if someone were truely anti-zionist you'd think they'd accept even a jew could be as such. Considering even Hitler had jewish soldiers, there were the mischling laws in place in Nazi Germany, it's sad to see all the hate. Really nothing makes me more sick to my stomach then to see a so called racialist giving a Sieg Heil salute and shouting white power, as it's about the furthest meaning from what it actually stands for. Becoming interested in the racialist cause after reading Mein Kampf, it's quite a shock to see all the infighting between people who are supposed to be fighting for the same cause. Someone you should check out is I found out about the recent events in Australia involving immigrant rapes in your country. I'm from Canada so I can definitely relate to alot of similar frustrations you guys have. Anyways nice chatting with you, it's good to see other WN with similar views half a world away.

Whitelaw Towers said...

No worries Anon. Mate I will have to check out the site you have recomended. I sorta agree with a bit of what you have said. I will look into that also.

You must understand that just because a person says White Power and not White Pride that doesn't make them foolish. Young maybe and new to the scene or sheer frustration is the most likely cause.

Another thing not all National Socialist or followers of National Socialism are uniform SS worshiping Nazis. Many like myself view Germany's National Socialist Party as the forerunner to our beliefs. Many look at it and study it for historical reference and at times inspiration.

You see many people believe that National Socialism can not change. Yet many Political Party's such as the Australian labor Party can.

Australian Labor is a far cry from what it was intended to be. It bares no resemblance to what it was when it was first formed.

Political beliefs change with time. These changes should keep step with modern times and improve policy for the people. Changes brought about by improvement not by corrupt and greedy personalities.

Western types of Conservative and Socialist Governments have change because they are inherently evil. They care not for the working class and are part of a larger move to destroy who we are.

This can not be changed by simply becoming like them. This is why I still believe in the concept of National Socialism. I see it as a legitimate Political Party that will govern with priorities more suited to my liking.

This is why National Socialism is so demonized. It refuses to put money in the pockets of the greedy.

It refuses to accept the Internationalism and No Boarders mentality. Its not because of the 6 Million Lies its because it has worked was successful and can be once again.

Democracy has not worked. Maybe it can one day but considering the past 100 years I doubt it.

A world with National Socialism in every corner of the this planet would be a far more peaceful and greener place to live.

There would be only one race of people who would suffer. Instead of all races suffering under so called Democracy/Marxism that we have now.

andy said...
Whitelaw here's one of my favourite sites regarding German National Socialism in it's historical context. With the stuff like Sieg Heil/White power I'm more getting at the fact it was something for the Germans, and for modern National Socialism to again flourish there needs to be new propaganda, new uniforms, almost new everything. Even the 25 point program would need to be reworked most likely. Myself I'm mainly Swedish, Irish,and German, with the majority Swedish. I think pan-arayanism is the best thing we have going for the white Aryan race and alot of people stuck in 1930's Germany in the past don't seem to realize that if you weren't German you weren't Aryan. That's what I love about that site above is it's German Propaganda just translated into english so I've read for myself the policies in place. I must admit German National Socialism basically "romanced" me into National Socialism, plus the fact the Germans are really the only people to have success with it so far. It seems though people think 50 years is a long time when in reality it's simply a grain of sand in the hourglass. Personally, reading Mein Kampf made me into a man, it made me realize my responsiblities, my moral values, and the biggest part of it was realizing that life is a struggle. Also to put into perspective all Hitler wanted to do with his life was paint as an artist but became leader of a nation is incredible. Pretty soon the copyright laws on Mein Kampf expire and the book becomes public domain, so hopefully people will start reading it. I checked it out of the public library in my city and was quite surpised they had it.

I really like the fact you see National Socialism as a legitimate Political Party as well, that's my beliefs too. I don't want to be taking part in illegal activites, I simply want a government that works. Definitely check out John de Nugent, he's definitely made quite an impression on my politically, I suggest watching his winterfest speech on his website, he has the gift of public speaking.
There's my favourite segment, it's him doing the thing he does best, public speaking. Blessings from Canada Comrade,