Monday, June 15, 2009

Wigger & Black African Bash Indian.

Oh look Multiculturalism does work. See how the Black and White youth of this country are working in harmony together. This once again shows that the claims of Racial Violence against Indian Students is just a sham.

Another Indian student bashed Source

"ANOTHER Indian student has been bashed and racially abused, this time in Melbourne's east."

"He said they slammed his car door onto his hand and punched him in the head and stomach and then racially abused him".

"They called me a ----ing Indian c--- - why would they do that? I said nothing to them," the Deakin University student said.

White Australian's are racially abused all the time. In fact I have never racially abused a Non White. But I have been racially abused publicly and via the net more times than I care to remember. The same goes for many readers here.

"He said his attackers were in their 20s, one was white, while the other appeared to be of African descent."

Interesting hey.
Did the African guy bash the student and the white guy racially abused him? But was it a white Australian or a light colored mix raced attacker?

"Police are investigating."

Let the hunt begin.


Anonymous said...

No matter what happens it will always be Whitey's fault even though we have never had a say on who we let into the country since the Immigration Restriction Act was dismantled by stealth starting with the Menzies' government in the '50's.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Funny how when a Non White is mugged or attacked its more important to emphasize racial slurs instead of actual violence.

Someone can have their head cut off and the media will be more concerned about what was said before the victim gets the chop.

Every one with half a brain knows when you are robbed the aggressor will use what ever they can to get you to submit. They will use fear to scare you into submitting.

If its a short person they will say get on the ground you short arse C**t. If its a white person it will be get on the ground you white C**t. Same goes with fat people and ugly people you get the idea.

In all these cases racism has nothing to do with it. Unlike the attacks on White Australians that are ignored.

The rape of White Women by Middle Eastern men is a great example of actual Race Hate Crimes. Or the attack on a Sunshine Coast man by Asians last week. These are hate crimes with the only motive being hatred for White Folk. Hatred that is created by the Media to push an agenda.

In the end these Indian bashing's has two victims. The Indian and the majority white public.