Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Will the Revolution start in Britain? BNP Fighting Back.

Boy what happens when you disenfranchise all those people who voted for the BNP? Well the enemy knows. And when the dirty bastards get there way in the UK the US and here they will simply put us all in Gaol for our reaction. The BNP is fighting off an attack by Marxist scum who with the help from Capitalist Scum will stop at nothing to destroy our nations.

Meanwhile the Australian Army is actively recruiting for our new Multicultural Defense Force in and around Australian Universities. I guess they know they will have more luck getting a Non White to round us White Nationalists up when the time comes. Yep all the White Boys and Girls will be spilling their blood in Afghanistan while our new Multicultural Army stays here to spill the blood of White Nationalist Australian's. Its almost enough to make you want to run to the hills or just give up.

Don't you dare. Join Australia First and Join Now. Simply send an email to for a membership form so they can email you one back.


Anonymous said...

Great post WLT!

Your nation is obviously as corrupted as ours!

Heres me, my family, Willy and the rest of the BA gang thinking of giving it 'white flight' to NZ, Canada or Oz!

Have you ever heard of the NW project in the USA? Where the north western states and parts of Canada become a white homeland...

Stand your Ground. said...

I think you should stay exactly where you are BA. Only because it would be unbecoming of your lot to run away and abandon your own to the political intrigues of nameless usurpers.

Australia accepts all kinds of "refugees", who are largely runaways from their own communities. The problems that they try to escape are intrinsically part of them, and they bring these problems to the new country of refuge.

This is why the Jew wants to distribute them throughout the world so as to weaken the resolve of those who might stand against the necessary debasements which are the mechanisms through which Jew seeks an "ascendency". The resolve of the host is politically weakened because each new refugee is given a vote equal to those who established the refuge of which the refugee is now a beneficiary.

You must stay and set an example to those who might consider forfeiting everything by absconding. Standing your ground is the right thing to do.

Neither the AngloSaxons, The Celts, Normans nor any Europeans answer wittingly to Jews.

Awaken your people as you say you will.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Nah Britain Awake wont jump ship I think he is joking. On the other hand I do know a few Aussie's are watching what is developing in the UK. If things get out of hand they may have to have a holiday over there for a month or two. Or do they only let Kiwi Anarchists enter the UK?

Stand your Ground said...

The link was posted so that those indigenous to the UK and in the US and Australia might transpose the Slapper for themselves. How long will you put up with it, while Jews laugh at your innocence and your gullibility ? You're like a whorehouse filled with shameless, dirty old slappers infested with a Kosher syphillis of the mind. You whore for the Jew and it pays you with washers and disease, especially irritable bowel syndrome.

The thought police who define the borders of a truth of consensus are of course the Zionist/"Jewish" BnaiBrith and the slithering coterie of quoit kissers either in the employ of or that seek the approvals of the Jew.

The "Anarchist" that feigns to mock the idea of "ZOG", or indeed any Jewish imperative other that "caring" and patronage, is either a collaborator or a Kapo amongst unwitting Anarchists.

The Jewish imperative of an entitlement to "rule" the Gentiles is clearly defined in the religious scribblings by which the so called "Anti-Rascist" Jew identifies.

But the "Anarchist" won't touch it, because there's no approval or applause from the Anarchist Minions to be had, and certainly not from those who the "Anarchist" seeks to appease.

The Anarchist seems to think that "Anarchy" is achieved by silencing anyone he does not agree with, so it is an anarchy of ascendency. ie Kosher Anarchy.

standyourground said...

This letter and website define the boundries of what it is that makes the "Jew" a Jew.
Despite all their pretensions to nobility, Gentility and the implied allusions to being "famous" as in the "Anti-Defamation Commission" , they always have been and always will be mere KAPOs.

McClelland's Kapos were also "Fightin'Em and Stabbin'em in Da Back", 'cause its what they do.
The Kapos were keeping the peace in the camps by dobbing and snivelling for praise and profit. Its what they do. It is what the Kapos of FDB do today under the guise of having the "Courage to Care" for the human cattle they like to think of as in need of the animal husbandry that only they can offer. They foist themselves upon others and then whine when rejected that they must "FightBack" those whom reject them. But of course, it is written that non-Jews must cede everything to the Chosen, for it is only they who can bring "light unto the world". The troglodytes and orcs of FDB are Kapos and should be treated as such.

In the concentration camp of the UK, the role is fulfilled again. But every wanting to please the locals won't speak a word of it.
If you can't get it, go to CW Porter's website.

I'm sure you'd know of it WhiteLaw.

standyourground said...

Dear Sir / Madam,
My name is Alexander McClelland I am an Australian veteran of WWII, a TPI (Totally and Permanently Incapacitated) and a survivor of a Concentration Camp.

Aged 19 I volunteered for the AIF and fought as a Bren Gunner in 2/1 Infantery Btn in North Africa, Greece and Crete where I was wounded and captured by German forces. I spent the rest of the war as a POW but due to my many escape attempts I was finally put into the TEREZIN Concentration Camp close to the Theresienstadt Ghetto in Czechoslovakia.

I have recorded my experiences in an autobiographical book entitled : ‘The Answer- Justice’ . In 1965 I was featured in an award winning but historically inaccurate Australian television documentary on Theresienstadt called ‘Where Death wears a smile’

I don’t receive my TPI Pension because of the heavy wounds I received in the battle action on Crete. I get my TPI Pension because of the inhumane treatment I received in the Concentration Camp. It is a mistake to believe that the Germans had enough spare manpower to staff and run the concentration camps. The Germans only ever guarded the outer perimeter of the camps, we Prisoners hardly saw German soldiers, so it was not the SS or German guards that beat me up daily.

No, the daily beatings that left me totally incapacitated, came from two fellow Prisoners called KAPOS.
Kapos (or Camp Police) had extra priviliges, such as their own room and they also had power, For example the Power to say who got to visit the Camp Sick Bay or the Camp Brothel, and because of the absence of the very disciplined Germans, these Kapos even had the Power over Life & Death.

The two Kapos that beat me daily, using a heavy wooden baton they called ‘Herr Doktor’ (The Doctor) were both fellow Prisoners, both were Jewish, one from Hungary and the other was, I believe, a Ukrainian. I was often witness when they dragged other hapless prisoners from their cells onto the ‘Appelplatz’ and beat them to death with ‘The Doctor’.

So whenever I meet a ‘ Camp survivor’ now, I look him deeply in the eyes to see what sort of a ‘survivor’ they are....whether they were really a Prisoner just like me, or whether they were one of the many ‘Privileged’ ones who survived the war being more inhumane to other Prisoners than the Germans ever were.

As a matter of fact, it was a German SS Soldier who saved my life after the Kapos, who after beating me sent me outside the camp on a work detail, with a dangerously poisoned leg. The SS Soldier walking by, saw my mates helping me, came over and then gave me his medical kit.

I now look deeply into the eyes of the ‘survivors’, because I know that not all Concentration Camp survivors were innocent victims. I know that a lot of the Prisoners were brutal and inhumane criminals. The world has never been told the whole truth about what life in the Camps was like. All we ever hear or read in the media is , how bad the German guards were and how badly they treated their Prisoners. I was in more than 8 POW Camps and a Concentration Camp, so who would know the truth? Me or the Media!

Alexander McClelland
PO Box 887 Toronto NSW 2283

Whitelaw Towers said...

Cheers mate. Yes we linked this brave mans site back in 2006 it is now permanently in our Fav Blogs section. Thanks for bringing it up again I think we might dig around and do a piece on it again.

Anonymous said...

Nah, we're staying put for the time being, but its always an option that needs to be considered as this island descends into oblivion!