Thursday, June 11, 2009

Yet another nail in the coffin for White Nationalism

Holocaust Museum Shooting.

Oh boy this stinks to high heaven. Ramp up the hate laws. Shut down the Web Sites. Round up the Nazis.

Who benefits from this type of Criminal Insanity. It has everything. Nazi's, Nazi web sites, Anti Government, 88, Hitler. Very bloody convenient. The JDL will be screaming NEVER AGAIN. Jews around the world will be calling for extra protection from Evil Nazi's. The Media will forget about everything else that has happened in the world for the next 3 days and subject us all to re-runs of Schindlers List.

Obama is disgusted, thats a good little Goyim.

WASHINGTON (AFP) — President Barack Obama expressed shock and sadness after an attack on the US Holocaust museum which killed at least one man on Wednesday, saying the killing underscored the need to counter prejudice.

"I am shocked and saddened by today's shooting at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. This outrageous act reminds us that we must remain vigilant against anti-Semitism and prejudice in all its forms," Obama said in a statement.


With in 4hours of this story the media has every detail of the shooting and every detail of the Crazy Nazi. With in 3 hours the President of the United States is making press releases calling on STAMPING OUT ANTI SEMITISM.. With in 5 hours there is already over 80 news articles 213 You Tube Video's covering this. And steadily growing. This is an epic.

Let me write the story for the Australian Anti fa.

Nutzi Attempts to finish the Final Solution.

88 year old escaped Nazi War Criminal SS Officer James von Brunn has returned to finish the job he started in 1944. Nutzi war Criminal Brunn who is 88 (that's code for Adolf Hitler sarcasm people) entered the Holocaust museum in Washington today carrying a rifle and a copy of the Turner Diary's. He was also wearing a I luv the BNP T shirt.

Brunn who has links with Australian Neo Nazi Web Sites is also believed to be a guest speaker at the Sydney Forum (Fascist Forum) in September this year. You get the idea?

I wonder if Israel is about to attempt another incursion into Palestine this week?

Further reading and cometary from Curt Maynards Blog

Big fucking deal - the guy [James von Brunn] was getting old and decided to lash out at those that had been persecuting him, before dying of old age. I commend him. The last time it was the Federal Reserve, which has fucked over every American citizen in this country from cradle to grave since its inception in 1913, this time it was the Jewish holohoax museum [alter for the holocaust religion being forced upon us all]. There is ZERO doubt that the Federal Reserve was founded by Jewish bankers and continues to be under the thumb of Jewish bankers to this day. Anyone that suggests otherwise is either stupid or a liar.

The Jewish media has already gone batshit with this story, "White supremacist" this, and "Racist" that.. You'd think this was a bigger story than the fact that a Jew named Asher Karni was caught selling more than sixty nuclear weapon detonators to Pakistan [a story the Jews media never covered], or the recent stories related to how Jews escape all consequences related to betraying the United States of America, 1, 2, 3, or when Yehuda Abraham, an American Jew jeweler from New York sold FBI agents posing as Al Qaeda operative Russian made, shoulder fired surface to air missiles with the understanding that they'd be used against American civilian airliners [another story the Jews media never covered].

James von Brunn believed that Jews dominate and control the media. The news media would love for you to believe that only crazy haters would believe such a thing. HERE are the facts, go argue with them, you'll quickly see that James von Brunn isn't crazy, he's 100% correct.

It's funny how the media works huh? Major Jewish criminals manage to somehow avoid media coverage and some 88 year old shoots a guard at a museum honoring an event that never took place, at least like the museum says it did, and the ENTIRE FUCKING MEDIA APPARATUS, television, newspapers, news magazinnes, etc... covers the story as if it was the biggest terrorist incident that had happened since 9-11. Yet, the media never mentioned a single word about the empirical fact that over 95% of all the recent economic criminals that drove our economy into the ground were JEWS. The media gave Russian Jews the same level of attention [none] during the 1990s when they stole trillions of rubles from the Russian people. It's the Jews Stupid!

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Something smells real Kosher about this. It is probably more shameless Shit of the Jew.