Friday, July 31, 2009

Anti Racist found Guilty of RACISM.

Ever wonder what happened to that happy little relationship between Fight Dem Back and Keysar Trad? You remember him people? Old Trad was the one that invited Fight Dem Back founder Mathew Hendersom Hau (or as he likes to call himself lately "Mat Henderson")to speak at a Anti White Demo in Sydney after the Cronulla uprising.

Mat Henderson at a Anti White Anti Racism Rally hosted by Keysar Trad.

Looks like the Honey Moon is well and truly over.

Keysar Trad really is racist: judge Source

ISLAMIC identity Keysar Trad's defamation case against a Sydney radio station has collapsed, with a Supreme Court justice saying Trad did in fact make remarks that were "offensive'', "racist'' and "condone violence''.

Friday's judgment comes in opposition to a jury's decision in 2007 which found Mr Trad was defamed by broadcaster Jason Morrison, who implied that he was a disgraceful, dangerous individual who incited people to commit violent acts.

The case stems from comments made by Mr Morrison about Mr Trad on talkback radio in December 2005, shortly after the Cronulla riot.

The legal team for Harbour Radio (owners of 2GB) argued that the information claimed to be defamatory, was in fact true.

After hearing evidence about Mr Trad's reputation and the effect of the broadcast, Justice Peter McClellan ruled on Friday that Mr Trad's claim should be dismissed.

"There is little doubt that many of the plaintiff's remarks are offensive to Jewish persons and homosexuals,'' Justice McClellan said in his judgment.

Neither Mr Trad or Mr Morrison were at Sydney's Supreme Court to hear the judgment.

"Many of his remarks are distasteful and appear to condone violence,'' the judgment continued.

"I'm satisfied that the plaintiff does hold views which can properly be described as racist.

"I'm also satisfied that he encourages others to hold those views. In particular he holds views derogatory of Jewish people.

"The views which he holds would not be acceptable to most right-thinking Australians,'' Justice McClelland's judgment said.

Outside court, a representative for Mr Trad sid he planned to appeal against Friday's decision.

Parties are due to meet again next Thursday to discuss costs in the matter.

So as we predicted the Left and its gathering of useful idiots will all end up sharing a cell with us in the end. I bet all you Self Hating Left Wing Anti Racists feel real stupid about now? Your Golden Muslim boy is a RACIST just like us "evil Fash". Sadly the Anti racist well the Jewish ones will remain free to further screw this country.

Lets see if this old partner of Fight Dem Back gets a mention.

Ah remember the days when the Muslim community worked with and belonged to Fight Dem Back? Remember this guy?

Fight Dem Back Member Jihad Fee-Sabeel'Illah:

“Let us not forget that U AREN'T REAL AUSTRALIANS! You came here in chains.. as convicts.. REAL Australians are the Indigenous people.. If you have a problem with Lebs being here.. just remember, Aborigines have a HUGE problem with YOU being here.. So don't say Lebs and Muslims aren't welcome here,.. because last time I checked.. you weren't either.. we will come after you.. furthermore, I think that you will find that, Muslim's have more right to this land than you do.. because we were also brought here by the british (sic) in the VERY early days, by way of Afghan Cameleers..

These Afghans married into indigenous families and blended in with their societies.. as a result you now have MANY Afghan-Aborigine's... Your worst nightmare will become a reality once we start going back into these indigenous communities and reestablishing ties with them.. As it is we are having a lot of Aboriginal brothers and sisters returning to Islam in Sydney.. This thought must be scary, because YOU will be the ones told to go home..”

Now what did FDB do with all those Muslims ?

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