Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Oops! Someone ‘popped a gonad’ as little Darpy boy would say. Just as it’s true that it’s an ill wind that blows no good so is it true that even a violent jet of verbal diarrhoea as the following, directed at us from a mouth breathing retard on our comments page, can yield some lessons. Gentle reader, is it not amply proven yet again the abysmal calibre of the common Lefty foot soldier? We know we really shouldn’t but what the Hell? We’ll have a little sport with this one. Dontcha just love such earnest commitment and dedicated credulity coming from an idiot who probably doesn’t even shave yet? Why do the Left keep sending these disposable heroes, armed only with intellectual pen knives, against our machine guns? It’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

Antifa Australia said...
oh do we really need to get detailed? do we?

Detailed? Jeezuz! Yet another MENSA nominee. What’s the bet this one was captain of his school debating team? None of your Ruddite “Programmatic specicifity” from you, eh? Just slag, slag, slag. Pure FDB Darpist tactics. Never engage the enemy directly on any facts or details. Yes we realise it is so very inconvenient to have to actually justify your actions, opinions and theories and mount a clear and logical argument to back them up.

WE do it all the farking time.

“Racism’s BAD m’kay?” or my personal favourite oxymoron “Unity through diversity” just won’t cut it in the real world of presenting an effective argument.

i am no way near brainwashed mr nazi smarty pants, i reckon you are.

Well, that’s me told ain’t it? Nahny, nahny, nah, nah! Yeah! I’m a “smarty pants” alright. If having a reasonable command of the English language and an understanding of the logic and physics of learning, research, analysis, discussion and debate makes one a “smarty pants” then I’ll wear that hat. You, however, are a real worry. It must be a real struggle to get on in today’s complex and demanding world when you are so painfully ill equipped to meet its challenges.

You probably or your (?) racists were probably raised up in a racially biased household, and your peers were probably criminals that bashed and robbed foreigners for fun.

WHAT a genius you are! NOW you’re the Doris Stokes of the Left! Who will you be ‘channelling’ next? Lenin? Do you take requests? Can I speak to Uncle Joe?

But nope, sorry, not only are you dead wrong for virtually ALL of us but, like all Lefty loonies, you’ve broken yet another rule. You’re speculating on wild assumptions and building exotic castles of argument and theory on sand.

for you thinking non wholistically (sic) is simple, for you ignonorance (sic) is a way of life, empathy is restricted, you NAZI.

Well that one nearly did it for me. It is very hard to type while tears of laughter are streaming down one’s cheeks. Misspelling ignorance is like claiming to be intellergunt.

oh wow your precious ethnicity, 18th century superior white race theory, wow im (sic) salivating, fuck off, race theory my arse.

Ah! NOW we see the Racial hatred beginning to percolate to the surface. You see folks, these types absolutely HATE everything White.

no rights for the anti-humanists, no rights for the human rights abusers.

And there’s the rub. You read it here on Whitelaw Towers, your window into the heart of darkness that is today’s Red Lefty Scum. “No rights”. BOTH of those terms he uses are very recent, and very Jewish, constructs in Human history. “Human Rights” has N.O.T.H.I.N.G. to do with the sovereign rights of the individual. Do NOT confuse the term with concepts such as freedom of association, freedom to pass along values, morals, ethics to your children or even freedom of thought.

Humanism is not a LAW. Humanism is not even a universally accepted THEORY. You CLOWN! It is/was a Utopian ideal advanced by a group of bourgeois academic and intellectual elitists who, like their political cousins, the Fabians, were determined to ‘fix’ the World in some sort of Tikkun Olam way and thereby serve the higher agenda of their unseen masters, the Chosenites.

Just as the so-called ‘Anti-Defamation League’ has nothing whatsoever to do with opposing ‘defamation’. These organisations are never formed to open the debate up and bestow any new rights on anyone. Just study their effects. They are created to stifle and suppress resistance to the insidious socio-political agenda of a very specific and very elite Racial/Religious group.

oh no, anti racists and AUSTRALIA HATES US! boo hoo. yeah fdb are a fucking great mob, they have fucked you over big time,hahaha

There, yet again, celebrating the illegal activities of a political terrorist group who operate with the imprimatur of the very ‘system’ they pretend to oppose. What a clever little ‘Anarchist’ you are. You are yet more living proof as to why hippies should never have been allowed to have babies.

still i believe you might be a little bit agro unnessessarily (sic) to them, please.... death threats? and calls for the Aussie NUTZI public to lynch mob them?

Evidence please, my little genius, of when and where Whitelaw Towers has done this.

Anti-racism is here to stay, the far left will always win, we will block from every direction.

Well, you’ve got nothing to worry about then, have you? So, this begs the question, why, if victory for the Reds is guaranteed are you here bothering us? What possible threat can we be to the mighty Red Empire?

Now, go away or we will taunt you a second time…

Ed note. Anti Fa Australia will you help this poor black man?

Anti Fa Australia sure as hell thinks its all the white mans fault. But he came to this conclusion all by himself. No brain washing here folks. I must note Anti fa Australia has a U Tube account.


Virgil said...

Whupped 'em agin, eh Josie? mean Whitelaw...

Antifa Australia said...

Sorry fascist man, i have no links to darpy boy and stokey, stop bringing them up. Oh WOW WERE YOU that much offended by them? poor little whitelaw, so helpless. perhaps a bit of counseling sessions with your enemy.

I'm an all out red warrior for anti-capitalism. I wont let infantile Nationalism or SAVAGE RACE supremacy disrupt my cause! Hence i am ANTI-NATIONALIST TOO! sad as you dont see the big picture.:(