Saturday, July 11, 2009

Australia First Head Quarters Attacked. The Anti Racist Violence Begins!

Breaking News from one of our White Nationalist supporters in NSW.

"Last night the 10th of July the Head Quarters of Australia First in Sydney was attacked. This attacked was aimed at silencing and or scarring figure head Jim Saleam.

Some time after 9pm two or more people attempted entry to the premises by tearing the roller door away from the Australia First shop front and private residence of Jim Saleam. Once confronted with a further security door the offenders fled. Leaving Mr Saleams teen age daughter shaken from the experience. Police are currently investigating I will update WLT with more as soon as it comes to hand."

First comes the Right Wing State Run Attacks. Then comes the State run Left Wing Violence.

Well people it has started. If the left think they are going to get away with this as they did with One Nation they better think again. Do we know who did it? Well from the evidence I am about to supply to you now you be the judge.

First the State Run Anarchist Informer and his Jewish Terrorist friends at @ndy Slack bastard.

On the Australian Branch of Blood & Honour concerning this years ISD.

“When B.&.H. play in our town/We’ll lock them in the venue and burn the fucker down!”

What of his Jewish mates at Fight Dem back? Did I mention @ndy is the co-founder? Oh and please remember they are the ones who have admitted to being a Jewish run and operated group. Anyway what does this group like to do?

On the Ninth of August 2005 on the ‘Fight Dem Back’ Website Darp published his interview with Dave Hann, the author of “No Retreat”, a document which for all intents and purposes is a handbook on how to harass, stalk and bash ‘Fascists’.

FDB founder Mathew Henderson Hau incitement to murder.

"Speaking as someone who has done more than my fair share of hunting anti-Semites. See, And this profile on our organisation in the Australian Jewish News:

If you ARE the hard-arsed hunter of anti-Semites that you say you are, I (without being a smartarse), have some major Blood & Honour gigs in Sydney, Newcastle and Melbourne that need shutting down and we can always do with an extra pair of hands. Drop me a line dude

Thompson has been extensively involved with the Australian far-right and only last week he became the Aussie fuhrer of the National Socialist Movement. See here for the lowdown on that and here for an ADL briefing on what the NSM get up to in the US (they were the group responsible for the Toledo riots). They’re backed by trust fund baby,Bill White, ie these guys despite being utter fruitcakes actually have a fair bit of money to throw around to further their fruitcake activities, money that is starting to trickle down under.

I present Thompson to you as he most certainly seems to be a more adequate match for someone of your calibre.

FDB violence at AF Headquarters in 2005

Mathew Henderson-Hau AKA Darp was in attendance outside the 2005 Sydney Forum in Tempe spruiking up the Left Wing picket line. He was right on the spot as an hysterical, shrieking Leftist attacked a young White Nationalist walking through the line by kicking him from behind, bringing him down to the ground and producing a bladed weapon during the struggle.

Yet another attack on Jim Saleams house by FDB and @ndy's mates Black Blok.


Each of the little red car’s male occupants had a balaclava or bandana and a baseball bat sitting on their laps. They had been offered the mission (and chosen to accept it) after behind the scenes talks between ‘Kaaos_af’ and Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’, of steaming into the crowd at the Sydney Forum gathering. Creating maximum damage in a minimum of time and making good their escape.Unfortunately for them they lost the one thing these types of cowardly attacks depend on, the advantage of surprise.

Not to mention the Explosive device used to destroy Karl Thompson's elderly mothers letter box in QLD. The evidence is on this site and the old Victor Whitelaw site. We know who is behind this and we are keeping an eye on what they do.

White Nationals of Australia prepare to defend yourselves. Let the games begin.

Update! Australia First Statement HERE.


Anonymous said...

Leftists... Don't ya just hate 'em!

Whitelaw Towers said...

My fear is that these frauds will try and imitate the UK reds. Thats when things will get very interesting. It will be wise for all of us to remember who fired the first shot.

There is no need for this. If they had the balls they would debate us or at least allow us to express our rights and beliefs. But the more they attack and surpress us the louder we will get.

In the end if everything goes pair shape it will be the fault of the left not the right. They are creating a need for people like us. The harder you push something underground the stronger it becomes.

The last thing any of us want is to see the world and our country's in flames. It is the Fraudulent Reds who are pushing the world over the edge.

Anonymous said...

From what I gather your reds are a carbon copy of ours. They will NEVER debate with us because they know they will lose every single time, Weyman Bennett being a prime example. These people are rats, they are police informants and probably work for the state!

Scratch the surface of any one of these maggots and you will find a direct link to the civil service probably through their middle-class parents.

These wankers aren't the 'revolutionaries' they like to portray, they come from leafy middle-class suburbia and rely on safety in numbers.

Get them on their own and they shit themselves!

Who funds 'fight dem back' anyway?

Don't be surprised if your taxes are being syphoned off in their direction like UAF and searchlight are being funded over here!

Whitelaw Towers said...

Who funds them? Well from what they have said over the past 5 years it could be a few. Bnai Brith the NSW Labor Party the now defunct Australian Democrats and possibly the Greens. But seeing as they tend to go begging for money lately I guess they may be on hard times.

Unlike your UK Reds these ones have been totally exposed as Frauds. But that doesn't seem to halt Searchlight. So we will see.

Peter Watson said...

The Australian Democrats are dead? Thank god for that. Bloody liberal bastards. God I hate them.

The anarchist Fight Dem Back are not communists. FDB hates the Communist Party and the Soviet tradition. Back when I was a communist, they treated me with contempt. I never liked them. Since my defection, they have treated me even worse.

I guess Fight Dem Back would be short on money because the Labor Party can't donate much at the moment. Totally strapped for cash. Some of the branches are closing down. Oh well, the Party deserves it.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Oh no Pete FDB is made up from all types. They have the lot working together. All with one common aim. The destruction of Nationalism in all its forms.

Peter Watson said...

Either way they are bloody jerks. I've written lots of stuff about what I think of them. They are terrorists. That is the best way to describe them. They terrorise people by having them fired from their jobs and destroying their lives. They intimidate good hard working honest people who are patriotic. The anarchist agents need to be exposed. The people in the Labor Party who support terrorism and intimidation must be purged from the Party.

On another topic, can I please have the banned lifted on me at Australia New Nation? Like, isn't six months enough?

Whitelaw Towers said...

"On another topic, can I please have the banned lifted on me at Australia New Nation? Like, isn't six months enough?"

Mate you will have to email them and ask. This is WLT not ANN.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please, antifa. Come through MY roller door anytime I am home. Just fucking try it. I have a surprise waiting for you ;) I wont bother calling the cops.

Antifa Australia said...

Oh you ignorants, call us anarchists and anti-fascist communists terrorists for attacking your Racist AFP branch.

Like you fellas dont stabb indians or incite race riots, or attack and stalk anti-racist activists. Also you fellas dont attack Africans with shotguns. Also Jim salaem isn't guilty of race hate crimes, and didnt go to jail.

call us terrorists? oh my.

and also you guys are not trying to imitate the WW2 nazis.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Anti Fa Australia. You sure are one stupid son of a bitch. So you think AF and or WW2 Nazis attacked Indian Students. You are one brain washed lemming.

I laugh at idiots like you. No matter how much proof you are shown to the contrary you still blindly hate the wrong people.

You are everything that is wrong with this Nation. In fact I Know a few Indians who I respect a hell of a lot more than scared little Traitors like you.

I reckon they would probably beat the crap out of you before I would. The chances are they would get away with it because you are white and they are Indian.

Anti Fa you are just as bad if not worse than the Hollywood built Nazi of WW2. Blindly following. I bet you spy on your neighbors to make sure they are following blindly like you. You are not an Anti Fascist you are a "Fascist Anti Fascist".

I take this "Oh you ignorants, call us anarchists and anti-fascist communists terrorists for attacking your Racist AFP branch." is an admission. Take note AF people.

Try the same thing anyplace near me and you will find out real quick why Henderson is so shit scared.

Antifa Australia said...

Brain washed? considering our differences in our values that make us fight, i geuss i can call you brainwashed as well.

Who is the anxious and intolerant person that abuses innocent people(ethnics in particular)? Now that is terrorism. attacking the direct people responsible for hate crimes is not terrorism.

Another finger point at the FDB crew. you guys seriously cannot get enough of the FDB.

I personally think the FDB are a bunch of law abiding pacifist anti-racist activists, that are both capitalist and communist, and it reeks of the Bourgeois seriously.

My advice dont mock them, dont abuse them! it's FUCKING silly scapegoating your low AFP popularity, You know ethics right? what you are doing is pretty sad, it makes you look bad. Just some advice from the enemy ;)

Whitelaw Towers said...

Please keep the comments coming. We may try and make an article out of the last one.

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