Sunday, July 26, 2009


Some 'AntiFa' fool posted this in our comments section:
Brain washed? considering our differences in our v... Brain washed? considering our differences in our values that make us fight, i geuss i (sic) can call you brainwashed as well.

If holding beliefs and interests that, in today’s N.W.O. dystopia of Planet Bizarro political conformity, mark one as a socio-political pariah, is to be considered ‘brainwashed’, beliefs based on largely suppressed and hidden facts and theories that one has to search far and wide to find and dig them up as does an archaeologist, then if to be an active (not passive) researcher and avid historian is to be ‘brainwashed’ then you have a very strange definition of ‘brainwashing’.

The facts are very much to the contrary, my little Pinko friend, as it is sad creatures such as you that have been weaned on a carefully prepared and approved curriculum to ensure maximum compliance, even willing activism, from an electronically lobotomised population.

It is we, the White Nationalists, who have managed to break the programming and think outside the imposed square of the ZOG Box. Therefore it is we, the White Nationalists, who are the true ‘revolutionaries’ and ‘radicals’. NOT you woolly headed imbeciles who will believe anything so long as it is approved by the style council of ZOG and the fashion police of your cloistered sub set of Greeny, Beatnik, Hippy, Commie, Anarcho-Punk, and yes these people are ALL exactly the same, they just dress differently, cretins.

‘Brainwashing’ is an EXTERNAL process imposed on an unwitting and/or unwilling target subject. In this understanding of ‘brainwashing’ it is YOU who have been lied to, fooled, hoodwinked, led up the garden path, screwed, shanghaied and press ganged into service. From kindergarten ZOG has ‘groomed’ you more skilfully than the slyest paedophile. In a process that would make the Jesuits blush, Shylock, the greasiest child molesting rock spider of all has OWNED you since you could first walk and talk. And you call US ‘brainwashed’?!!!

An original thought in your tiny pin head or an act of true defiance, would invariably result in a cerebral catastrophe. Your twisted little cortex would go into spasm and implode. Why? Because you are a fool trained better than any Pavlovian hound to a degree of salivating credulity where your appetite for endless morsels of rotting toxic lies from your masters is insatiable. You have been weaned on ZOG’s poison and a good dose of fresh air and sunlight would kill you.

Who is the anxious and intolerant person that abuses innocent people(ethnics in particular)? Now that is terrorism. attacking the direct people responsible for hate crimes is not terrorism.

Anxious? You’d be ‘anxious’ too if you’d copped the threats and actual attacks we have. ‘Intolerant’? Okay, I’ll cop that one. I refuse to tolerate the extinction of my people and their unique skills and culture. I agree, I am ruthlessly ‘intolerant’ of the slow burn genocide my people are being subjected to. I adamantly REFUSE to ‘tolerate’ any more attacks on my people. I will not tolerate the continuing campaign to minimise or even deny the mighty achievements of my people and the re-writing of their proud history to vilify them and cram their shredded remains down the memory hole of political correctness. I am intolerant of tolerance because tolerance is the process whereby one bites one’s tongue and suffers in silence, grimly waiting for the end to come. This is not noble stoicism, it is cowardice and betrayal of thousands of generations who did the RIGHT thing and did NOT piss on the graves of their forbears. I am duty bound to honour them. It is my mission, as a humble link in the ancestral chain, to do something selfless and honourable.

You sick Commies have no respect or understanding of the past. This is why you fear the future so much, because you have no grounding. This necessitates the ruthless control of the present and the ‘brainwashing’ of the masses so they can be good ZogBots and serve their masters’ agenda of staving off the inevitable entropic collapse of your unnatural, despotic regime.

So called ‘Hate Crime’ legislation is a blatant form of ‘terrorism’ in itself, you drooling moron. We are not talking arson, bashings and murder here. When ‘Hate Crime’ includes the mere use of racial descriptors or provable facts about genetic differences in race etc in pro White propaganda then it is so clearly a cynically contrived bully boy tactic to suppress dissent and intimidate dissidents into silence.

Do you therefore agree with the total denial of basic sovereign rights of the individual to personal choice, freedom of association and the right to form groups of like minded people and the entitlement to voice your genuinely held beliefs in an open forum free from the threat of prosecution or physical attack? I would have thought, as Humanists and Socialists and whatever else you imagine yourselves to be that these would be inalienable Democratic rights available to ALL people.

Another finger point at the FDB crew. you guys seriously cannot get enough of the FDB.

You MUST be new to the scene. You clearly have not seen what FDB have done to US over the years.

I personally think the FDB are a bunch of law abiding pacifist anti-racist activists, that are both capitalist and communist, and it reeks of the Bourgeois seriously.

You believe FDB are “Law abiding”? Truly? As above, you need to read the WHOLE STORY. It is all available here in our archives. Go straight back to the earliest posts and READ all about it, THEN come back and start preaching to us about how to approach this conflict.

My advice dont (sic) mock them, dont (sic) abuse them! it's FUCKING silly scapegoating (sic) your low AFP popularity, You know ethics right? what you are doing is pretty sad, it makes you look bad. Just some advice from the enemy ;)

When it comes to ‘Looking bad’ we TRULY have no reservations or regrets about what we have said and done. TRULY! Even the most casual perusal of FDB’s material and ours will swiftly highlight who are the real criminals. It’s a no brainer.


Anonymous said...

AntiFa Australia says...

"Kill all de White people

Then we be free!"

Anonymous said...

I think the "fool" part is redundant WhiteLaw, but reinforcement is never the less useful.

Why won't FDB comment on Jewish Racism ? Because its a Two Tongued, Kosher organisation. TaDa .....Behold...The Kike.

Anonymous said...

I think Anti Fa Australia just had his arse handed to him. Good work guys. I bet we don't see a reply.

Antifa Australia said...

oh do we really need to get detailed? do we?

i am no way near brainwashed mr nazi smarty pants, i reckon you are. You probably or your racists were probably raised up in a racially biased household, and your peers were probably criminals that bashed and robbed foreigners for fun. for you thinking non wholistically is simple, for you ignonorance is a way of life, empathy is restricted, you NAZI.

oh wow your precious ethnicity, 18th century superior white race theory, wow im salivating, fuck off, race theory my arse.

no rights for the anti-humanists, no rights for the human rights abusers.

oh no, anti racists and AUSTRALIA HATES US! boo hoo. yeah fdb are a fucking great mob, they have fucked you over big time,hahaha still i believe you might be a little bit agro unnessessarily to them, please.... death threats? and calls for the Aussie NUTZI public to lynch mob them?

Anti-racism is here to stay, the far left will always win, we will block from every direction.

Whitelaw Towers said...

I was going to comment but again I will leave this for another article. You must be new. We need a bit more comedy relief around here.