Thursday, July 30, 2009

Comedy at @ndy's house.

Who said you cant get a laugh over at Australia's one and only Zionist run Anti Racist/ Anarchist site. This picture (below) was attached to an article ( I didn't bother reading it) at Slackbastard. The following comment gave us a good giggle.

Steve Brown Jul 30th, 2009 at 10:47 pm

"Cheerfully bleak. The photographer could have shooed the bird away and given the kid a cupasoup or something, though?"

Now that's funny sad but funny.


Thriving on injury. said...

Is that Vulture Wearing a Yarmulke ?

Michael Jackson, also once a Black Man, then a FrankenSteinian monstrosity, but now a Dead Man, is a case in point.

The story of Jackson is warning to all who Courageously place themselves in the "care" of the Jews. Especially protect your innocents. They count on, beg you with their wide eyed innocence,to protect them and shield them from the perversion of Jew.

Jackson knew his tormentors, and they knew he knew. The "Care" of the Jew is psychotic. Reject it and reject the Jew.

In the AJN we find a celebration of Michael Jackson's passing..

WITH :the recent passing of the King of Pop.. Shmooze
thought it would be an appropriate time to re-visit some
of the weird one's greatest hits - such as his virulently
anti-Semitic answering machine message of 2003.
"They suck ... they're like leeches ... It's a conspiracy.
The Jews do it on purpose," he said on the message,
which was played in court. Whatever happened to running
your finger up and down over your lips and saying
'You've reached Michael, I'm underwater? Then there
was the lyric in the 1995 song They Don't Care About
Us: "Jew me, sue me, everybody do me." He eventually
changed the lyrics and apologised for the tirade. Other
lyrics Shmooze understands were changed before
recording are "The Jew is mine", "Beat Jews", "The way
Jews Make Me Feel" and "Bad Jews".

Prepare for the Perpetrator. said...

A Perpetrator laments the passing of its Proxy.

The Rabbi introduced Jackson to the Weezil. Wot ? for more SHIT.

Prepare to Puke people. Strap yourselves to your seats, grab a bag and get ready to lose your lunch.

Read Rabbi Shmulies Ooze, which emerged into the world by the mechanism of peristalsis. The Rabbid's couldn't give a Shit about any of the "UnChosen". Occasionally repairing the world Kills the subject. The Rabbi "prays" for this and that. The Rabbi preys for its next victim.

Shmooze. said...

I WAS on holiday in Iceland with my
4 family when I received the terrible
news of Michael Jackson's
iS passing.
My wife and children were with me
in our van. My daughter started crying.
And while I was heartsick at the news, I
was not shocked. I dreaded this day
and knew it had to come sooner, rather
than later.
A decade ago, during the two years
that I befriended Michael and had
attempted unsuccessfully to help him
repair his life, what I feare"d most was
that he would die.
As I told CNN in 2004, "My great
fear, and why I felt 1 had to be distanced
from Michael ... was that he
would not live long ... When you have
no ingredients of a healthy life, when
you are totally detached from that
which is normal, and when you are a
super-celebrity you, God forbid, end up
like Janis Joplin, like Elvis ... Michael is
headed in that direction."
I am no prophet and it did not take
a rocket scientist to see the impending
doom. Michael was a man: in tremendous
pain and his tragedy was to medicate
his pain away rather than address
its root cause.
On the many occasions I visited
him, he clearly appeared sedated. Who
were the doctors giving him this stuff?
Was there no-one to intervene and save,
him from himself?
By the time I met Michael, he was
already one of the most famous people
in the world. But he seemed lethargic,
burnt out and purposeless. He wanted
to use his fame to help children, but
knew he could not due to the 1993
child molestation allegations against
I tried to impress on Michael that his
salvation would come, not from further
concerts or album sales, but from
reconnecting with loved ones, finding a
spiritual anchor, replacing his desire for
• • • - _ v . \
attention with a hunger for righteous
action and surrounding himself with
serious and wise friends.
I introduced Michael to Elie Wiesel. I
arranged for him to lecture at Oxford,
where he asked all neglected children
to forgive their parents. He called his
father to tell him he loved him. All this
was significant progress. He came with
me to synagogue and regularly
attended Shabbat dinner. He seemed
directed and content.
Alas, Michael could not sustain the
spiritual effort. He felt that many of the
one-on-one charitable activities I advocated
he undertake were too mundane.
He felt he was being demystified. He
needed the adulation of the crowds.
Michael tragically mistook attention
for love. He once confided to me: "I
think all my success and fame ... I have
wanted it because I wanted to be loved.
That's all. That's the real truth. I wanted
people to love me, truly love me,
because I never really felt loved."
You cannot read these words without
feeling a tremendous sadness for a
soul that was so surrounded with heroworship,
but remained so utterly alone.
Because Michael substituted attention
for love, he got fans who loved what he
did, but he never had true compatriots
who loved him for who he was.
Michael's death was a personal
tragedy and an American tragedy.
Michael's rags-to-riches story was the
stuff of American dreams. But now we
know how this story ends. Money cannof
purchase self-esteem, and being
famous will never replace being loved
unconditionally by family and true
Michael was far from a saint. But
there was a gentility and nobility of
spirit that 1 found humbling and inspiring
in a man so accomplished.
I pray for his children. I pray for his
family. I pray for America.
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is the founder of
This World: The Values Network, and is
the author of many best-selling books.