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Donald Oorst Is A Criminal Idiot

This Extreme Leftist Claptrap from The Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum:

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Post subject: Re: New law: inciting violence on race, religion, nationality
Posted: Wed Jul 22, 2009 7:21 am
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Theres(sic) no agreement in FDB on this sort of thing (I know Asher for instance is opposed to vilification laws), but in my view if terrorism is viewed as primarily a *hate* crime (Ie bombing asian resturants(sic), or blowing up hotels to target westerners) then you can actually have teeth to fight *genuine* terrorism, whilst providing a framework to avoid harassing religious and ethnic minorities.

Most of the major terrorist incidents in this country have been from white supremacist organisations like the ANM and National Action (now pretty much Australia First, although I wouldn't go as far as saying Saleam is still into the terrorism thing anymore). Targetting (sic) those will yield far more useful results against political violence than just saying "Lets go after religious fundamentalism" or "git dem muslims" sort of shit that the american(sic) GOP have an awful habit of dragging debate down to.

When you consider that almost all, but not quite all, terrorism is domestic politics motivated, I'd argue that Australia has little to fear from the Jihadi type set. Attacks on Australians will occur abroad, but as part of a motivational framework focused on Domestic politics (For instance in Indonesia the attacks seem to be premised on the Indonesian government pursuing multicultural policies rather than the islamists strict sharia regime [which btw arab/persian style strict islam is unlikely to be popular with the local muslims having quite a different cultural history and all that]. In otherwords(sic) Jemiah islamia (or however its spelt) have much in common with the ANM or the former NA [foreigners out!]. Likewise its(sic) likely most terrorism in Australia will likely come from their equivilents(sic) here in the white supremacist movements, and focusing on those groups will continue to yield results like they have in the past.

Donald ‘duckmonster’ Oorst is both breathtakingly stupid (simply view his appalling, sub primary level spelling and grammar) and a criminal liar. Criminally insane and culpably reckless though would probably cover it.

So far as this writer can ascertain the only persons to be charged in Australia with ‘Terrorism’ and in particular offences included in the relatively new so-called Counter-Terrorism legislation have been members of the Islamic faith, almost all of whom were of Arabic or Asiatic extraction. In fact this writer would go so far as to suggest there is a strong counter case for prosecuting Mr. Oorst himself under this legislation or at least in the general spirit of it.

After all, if the true intent (yeah, right) of these laws is simply to reduce the threat of terrorist acts and thereby to prevent the case of Australian citizens, residents and visitors from falling victim to such acts, then Oorst’s insistence that we close our eyes to the most obvious and proven high risk potential perpetrators such as Islamists and focus instead our sole attention and actions upon White Australian Nationalists, then this could be deemed a deliberately contrived act of distraction intended to divert and tie up precious law enforcement resources chasing and persecuting the very people who oppose Islamist extremism and every other toxic enemy of this nation more than any other.

By preparing the opportunity, through his false and misleading statements, for a crime to occur, Oorst is, within the existing criminal code, clearly an accessory before the fact. Additionally there is the fact he has entered into a process of cooperation with the criminal cabal of the Fight Dem Back group to concoct and disseminate this absurdly outrageous falsehood, along with countless other lunatic ravings, thereby participating in a criminal conspiracy.

To put it simpler, as Whitelaw Towers has said in the past, FDB is providing interference for the Islamists who, in turn and largely unwittingly, are running decoy for the Chosenites. It is yet another exemplary case of grand chutzpah of the highest order where the victim, both real and potential, is punished for having the temerity to defend himself.

Oorst and the rest of the FDB swill are so obviously puppets of the ZOG it is truly hysterically funny that they still deny it to this day. They are a really, really low rent ‘Thunderbirds’ show. You can actually see the strings. Cool Alternative? Counter-Culture? Revolutionary? Radical Reformers? Defenders Of The Rights Of The Individual? Anti-Establishment?


They ARE the farking Establishment!

Never, ever, forget it.

QLD Ed note.

What do you think FDB and the current Government would think of these Radical Right Wing Terrorists?

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Anonymous said...

FDB @ndy and their mates have shown conclusively they are working for and supporting the state.

Considering articles written here concerning the new terminology on terrorism (Domestic possibly white)and the crack down on WN around the world. One must now view people and groups like FDB as the tail wagging the dog.