Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Here Comes the Thunder - Australian ISD Memorial DVD

9% Productions, Blood and Honour Australia and the Southern Cross Hammerskins are pleased to announce the upcoming release in August 2009 of "Here Comes the Thunder", the Australian Ian Stuart Donaldson Memorial concert 2007 dvd. This gig was notable for the appearance of the US band Final War and the farewell performance of the legendary Fortress, the dvd also includes feature tracks from Australia's Bail Up! and Quick and the dead. This dvd features over two and a half hours of gig footage and special bonus features on two dvds.

Please note for distros we are taking pre-orders for a limited time for quantities of 10 or more of $10 Australian per dvd, if you are interested in taking part in this offer please contact B&H HERE.

All the proceeds from 9% Productions go to B&H Australia in order to further Ian Stuart's goals and build the movement.

So support Blood & Honour Australia and pay a visit to 9% Productions HERE

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