Thursday, July 09, 2009

Its happened Aussie First is ready to roll.

Australia First Party Claims Numbers To Register As Federal Party: Statement Of The Management Committee


The Australia First Party has reached the basic number to register as a Federal political party. The party will carry out the necessary preparations to file its application with the Australian Electoral Commission as soon as possible.

The registration of Australia First Party (NSW) Incorporated as a Federal party, to be known on ballot papers and publically as 'Australia First Party', will be a decisive act in uniting all Australian nationalist and patriotic groups and people, at first in common labour and then into a single movement. The long march that brought us to the point of this application began when we both secured the registration of a party to contest local government polls in New South Wales in early September 2007 and re-incorporated the party on September 17 2007.

The Australia First Party will now increase the tempo of its community activity.

Management Committee, July 9

Oh and here is some sloppy journalism from one of Australia's leading fish and chip wrapper suppliers.

Right-wing genie out of the bottle


THE party faithful gathered in "the bunker". In a room decorated with Heidelberg School art posters and Ned Kelly figurines, Jim Saleam, the NSW director of the Australia First Party, recited the Eureka Oath.

Five months since that meeting in a former shop in Tempe, the genie is out of the bottle: today Australia First will announce itself as the first anti-immigration party since One Nation to gain enough members to contest a federal election. The party finished signing the 500 members on Monday and expects its application to be lodged in a fortnight - five years after it was last deregistered and four years since One Nation lost its final federal seat.

"The registration of Australia First Party … will be a decisive act in uniting all Australian nationalist and patriotic groups and people," Mr Saleam wrote in a newsletter. "At first in common labour and then into a single movement."

The party plans to contest lower house seats in western and southern Sydney, on the Darling Downs and possibly in the Hunter. It expects to attract between 6 and 7 per cent of the primary vote and will run a television campaign aimed at the trucking industry and an anti-immigration policy made more palatable by linking population to environmental issues.

The elevation of Australia First into a party capable of winning seats is in line with events overseas. Against the backdrop of the global economic crisis, far right organisations such as the British National Party made a strong showing at last month's European elections.

But not every one is happy folks. Darrin Hodges Right Wing Zionist is spitting chips. At least he has the paper to wrap them in. Old Darrin instead of just accepting what has happened has resorted to the well known tactic of Bull Shit. Yep seems that Darrin only wishes to create trouble between AF and a new up and coming group in Australia the Nationalist Alternative. Silly Darrin. More on the Nationalist Alternative HERE.

Seems Darrin likes to work with the media when it comes to misquoting people. The guys at Nationalist Alternative are very aware that Jim Saleam from AF was misquoted. But that doesn't stop Hodges from spreading Bull Shit. AF will and does deal with all the White Nationalist groups in this country and overseas. But keep attacking them APP. In the end they see this as a battle for who will be the chosen group to fight the fight. I'm sure AF have bigger issues to deal with now, you know like the actual struggle.

But what of the other enemy the Left Wing Zionists? Oh lordy they are beside themselves. How could this happen they are asking. Doesn't anyone listen to our Bull Shit anymore. Funny stuff.

So folks it has been a battle for these guys to drag AF back from the Mainstream do nothing Civic Patriots. They are now at the starting line and will need all your help to succeed. Lets not waste anymore time on Idiots posers and Israel First types. Look past the lies and the coming attempts of destabilization that will inevitably come. Take note who is attacking them from our side. Then ask yourself why are they doing it.

AF needs 10,000 members. Please join them. Help them save our country. Download this Membership form and pay your $10.00 to be a part of the new era in Nationalism in this country. $10.00 many of us spend that just on smoko. So come on people join them help them now.


Peter Watson said...

I am currently trying to rejoin the Australia First Party here in Queensland. I was kicked out of the Party because of unconstitutional activities. I sent a email to the Queensland division of the Party but no one has replied to the email. I don't have the phones number of the Queensland division or the numbers of any of the branches here in Queensland. Whitelaw towers, do you have the phone numbers of the Crows Nest or Toowoomba branch? Would it be possible for me to rejoin Australia First? If I could rejoin the Party, I would leave the Labor Party.

Whitelaw Towers said...

Pete I know they have spoken of your request. Mate you are young you have all the time in the world just take it easy. No need to rush these things.

I must say your past is a bit of a hurdle. Have you heard of the National Anarchists or the Nationalist Alternative? Give them a call. I believe they are the perfect way for you to learn more about Nationalism. Give them a go.

But then again being a member of the Labor Party is truly a good advantage and a great way to change things from the inside.

Supporting Australia First is more important for you at this stage. Contact them and ask them how you may be able to help.

Peter Watson said...

Whtielaw Towers, the Labor Party is totally undemocratic. I have tried many times to get the branch to pass the resolutions that I have proposed but the resolutions are either rejected or utterly modified out of existence. The parliamentary Labor side of the Party ignores the branches and the members. I don't think the Warwick branch has a future. The members don't like to fucked around. They are sick of being treated with contempt by the Labor governments. Think about it, the Labor Party members are sick of the Labor government.Derrick MacThomas has got it right when he says any one who thinks the Labor Party is a working class party is a retard. The ALP has not been a working class party since the mid 1970s. The whole Labour/union movement has been hijacked by the bloody middle class. People are starting to get sick of it. That is why I defected to the nationalist movement back in January but unfortunately I was banned for six months from Australia New Nation. I can understand why I was banned and I am looking forward to the ban being lifted at the end of this month.

Don't worry, Whitelaw Towers, I've got plenty of time to do every thing. I know my communist past is a bit of a problem but I have changed a lot since January. I don't want to repeat the mistakes of the past. So, I won't be forming any Australia First branches in Warwick. That idea failed completely back in 2006. I have heard of the National Anarchists and Nationalist Alternative. I will look into.

I will do every thing you have requested.