Saturday, August 01, 2009

Jewish Anti Racist Son Outed as spokesperson for Al Qaeda!

Here is a story that is sure to eclipse Racist Anti Racist Keysar Trad. I tell you what folks the cracks in the wall are getting deeper. This is fact people no conspiracy here. Enjoy.

Sing a long folks.

Adam Pearlman Im Adam Pearlman straight from the ADL to you.
Spreading disease with the greatest of ease straight from the ADL to you.
Im Kosher and mean and mighty unclean Im afraid of no one
Except the man with the can of Zyclon B
Hate that word Zyclon B

One spray and Adam the Terrorist is dead
Apple of the ADL's eye was Adam
Poor dead Adam
Adam the Terrorist
A victim of Zylclon B
Zyclon B.....

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Anonymous said...

you guys should seriously get Mr McThomas to interview one of those poor sad cases that head up FDB. See, it could be via skype so then the little darlings could surround themselves with their bum chums to help reassure themselves.

Anonymous said...

Interesting material from One who understands the Jew and their attempt to confiscate our identity.

Anonymous said...

"It is a trick, we always use it".

The trick is especially useful when one is a Kosher "Anarchist" and "Fightin'DemBack".

They are fighting "back" against those who reject the engineered destruction of race and Culture.

Always trickin' us dem Jews.

Why ? when their magnificence should be self evident to all of us.

irrationale' said...

"Actualité juive" is a "respectable" weekly jewish magazine published in France.

Every issue includes an insert containing lubavitch texts commented by a rabbi. In the april 7th, 2009 issue, one can read :

"Positive Mitsva N° 198
It's the command we were instructed to demand interest from a non-jew to whom we lend money, so that not only we don't help him and don't do him a service, but we *harm* him by lending money with interest, something we are forbidden to do to a jew."

I already knew this Mitsva, but it's the firt time I read that its goal is to harm gentiles.
I translated the french verb "nuire" ("nuisions") by "to harm".

Here is a scan of the magazine page :

The text is in the third column : "Mitsva positive n° 198"