Friday, July 10, 2009

KKK infiltration claims are sabotage

The controversial Australia First Party has distanced itself from the Ku Klux Klan following claims several members infiltrated the group as it prepares to contest seats at the next federal election.

The Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan in Australia, David Palmer, said today several Klan members had secretly joined the right-wing, anti-immigration party.

But the NSW director of Australia First, Jim Saleam, said the party, which registered its 500th member on Monday, was being sabotaged because of a long-running personal feud.

"We were tipped off three months ago that this claim would be made and we took steps to make sure anyone couldn't join in order to give substance to these accusations," Mr Saleam told ninemsn.

"Mr Palmer did the same to One Nation years ago and Pauline Hanson fell all over herself trying to disassociate the party from Klanism — we're not going to let history repeat itself."

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Now on another note. What do you get when you mix a Christian Zionist a state controlled Anarchist and the Bnai Brith Marxist group Fight Dem Back? Well you get the NSW spokesperson for the Australian Protectionist Party. Darrin Hodges has taken it upon himself to make light of a very serious situation. In fact if we look hard enough we can see that Darrin spends more time with people from David Palmer's group then what has been suggested about AF. Funny that. What type of Right Wing White Nationalist Party has one of its State spokespeople use the forum of a Known Zionist/Anarchist? Are they for real. Have a look for yourself HERE. Don't they all look very cosy together.

Update 11.7.09 AF Press release. HERE

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