Monday, July 20, 2009

Liars and Traitors!

No point messing around anymore. The spokesperson for the Australian Protectionist Party has laid out all their cards. We have to ask a simple question. Why does the APP leadership allow these attacks on Australia First? If you still believe that the APP are a White Nationalist Party after this little read then you better join the Liberal Party.

Luke Connors

"The bloody AF got a mention on ABC radio the other morning.

Something has to be done Daz, if Jim gets the 500 up and running and starts to attract people to his cause the only option in my mind would be to try and get the APP on the side thats attacking him. A public attack on Jims anti-semitism might get a few newspapers interested. Its certainly not an Australian political tradition and is the main thing that can help brand the APP as different and a player in its own right."

Luke Connors

"Im just saying that you could position APP as the go-to anti Jim media quote machine. Everytime Jim gets a mention you get an APP quote from someone shaking their head and bemoaning the fact that he exists.

From the past couple of days looks like thats already happening."

Darrin Hodges Spokesperson for the APP on Preferance Deals with AF.

"That will never happen while Saleam is involved. There will be no deals with criminal f***wits in nazi uniforms. Period."


"Let me repeat: There will be no deals with criminal f***wits in nazi uniforms. Period. I'm sorry if you don't like, but just because Saleam calls himself a "nationalist" doesn't automatically qualify him as somebody I'd be interested in being associated with on any level, including preferences."

Old Darrin sure sounds professional now doesn't he. Remember folks he is a spokesperson for a Political party.


Luke Connors AKA Casapound

"Or let me put it a different way. If the APP is to survive and prosper then Australia First needs to be destroyed or marginalised. Is that open and honest enough for you?"

Now can we make that any clearer to you our dear readers. These comments are from the official Australian Protectionist Forum. These comments are supported by many of the APP members on that forum. These comments are supported by the leadership of that group. It is as we predicted in 2007. The APP will be used by the media to attack the Australia First Party. Hell these guys are offering their help.

As incredible as it seems Darrin Hodges and the leadership of the APP are willing to work with anyone to destroy A White Nationalist Party in this country. Does this sound like the actions of a Party that is supposed to be fighting for White Australians? This type of rhetoric is more suited to the likes of Bnai Brith or members of Fight Dem Back.

You would have to look very hard for another example anyplace in the world were you have two Right Wing Groups so opposed. I doubt even the BNP would have come out and attacked the National Front in such a way.

There can be only one type of victim here. The good members that still remain in the APP. We know that some remain. I ask those people, who benefits from the uncontrolled attacks from the Party Leadership on Australia First? Why do this? Both Groups could have prospered. They could have worked together on many things.

The out of control rants from the NSW Leadership at APP drags us all into the gutter. The unprofessional face it puts on the APP makes a mockery of our movement. The cold faced lies from its members about AF leadership is sickening.

The claims from these people are just to ridiculous to repeat. They scream black and blue that Australia First has attempted to paint them as Zionists. The fact is that they have by their own words and actions earned that tag. AF didn't make them support Israel. AF didn't tell them to join radical Jewish forums. AF doesn't make them write the junk they spew out on their forums. They sure as hell don't tell them to join Anarchist and Marxist forums to attack White Nationalists.

The leadership at APP have been warned countless times about the actions of their NSW rep Darrin Hodges. They have done nothing to prevent him from attacking AF. They say they could not be bothered to check what he is saying.

We have spoken to members of AF and have been told that they have tried many times to smooth the waters between these groups. But every time they seem to get close to a settlement Darrin Hodges and his mates drag them all back into the gutter. The Australian people deserve better than this.

Come on APP people wake up. You guys have a huge job ahead of you. Why allow yourselves to get sidetracked with attacking a White Nationalist Party. AF is not the enemy. May I suggest some serious house cleaning. If that cant be done and you are a White Nationalist maybe you should consider getting the hell out and joining a real WN Party.

Special note! It has been suggested by the NSW head of the Australian Protectionist Party that this site as he calls us "Whitetrash Towers" (a name first used by Brian Stokes from FDB) is run and controlled by the Australia First Party.

As our many readers know this site is set up to expose the enemies of White Nationalism. We have in the past and will in the future continue to expose the enemy with in also. Certain people such as Hodges who openly supports Zionism therefore is an enemy of all White Nationals.

Members of WLT belong to many different groups. But this site speaks for none of them in particular. We speak for ourselves and are not coached in any way shape or form by these other WN organisations.

We have never been ordered or asked to write anything by the leadership of Australia First. The Liberal Party certainly has not asked us to write anything on their behalf when we have attacked the Australian Labor Party.

We support all WN groups who are fighting the good fight. Including the APP if they ever clean up their act. We oppose the Left and anyone who gives comfort to the enemy. If at times that includes members from our own community so be it.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like Darrin's fogged up his submarine portholes.

I'm no Oliver CromWellian Commie or Masonic Apron lifter but this stuff's red and its good and innocent.

See how nasty us Whiteys are. We teach our kids beautiful dancing, Music and good manners, all possible without one iota of confiscatory Kike input.

But we're "Evil".....Roozendaal probably thinks this a bit too culturally specific and only appropriate in a Goyisch Zoo of nearly extinct cultural expression, for people to poke fun at when they go to spend a Night at the Museum.