Friday, July 10, 2009

Media drop Bomb Shell on Aussie First? Nah just another piece of sloppy journalism.

Oh boy what a difference the day makes. In a 4-5 month investigative report on the Aussie Right the Sydney Morning Herald has opted for Bull Shit. But who didn't see that coming? First we had the misquote from the head of AF Jim Saleam about the people from the nationalist Alternative. This was picked up by APP head in NSW and used as an attack on AF. A silly little attempt to create disharmony. Now we have this.

We have infiltrated party: KKK
Erik Jensen
July 10, 2009

"THE Ku Klux Klan says it has infiltrated an anti-immigration party preparing to contest seats at the next federal election.

David Palmer, the Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan in Australia, said several Klan members had secretly joined Australia First, a far right party that announced yesterday that it had the numbers to register as a political party.

"We aren't interested in actually registering as a party," Mr Palmer said. "Our main idea was we would move in and take back what we consider our Aryan parties. [The Klan] is a white pressure group; a white social group for white families. But also a reserve in case the ethnics get out of hand and they need sorting out."

David Palmer folks you all recall him dont ya? He and his mate a certain Peter Coleman of the IKA are the ones who pulled this stunt on One Nation with the help of Greg Roberts FDB media man."

David Palmer folks the same guy who on behalf of the IKA (Imperial Klan of Australia) admitted to working with ASIO. He claimed that they would even hang Swastica Flags in their office when he would visit them. In about March 1999 he admitted to the Aussie Press that his group the IKA infitrared Right Wing Groups. When these groups failed to do there bidding they would sabotage them. Nice guys hey.

David Palmer along with a few others up untill lately had been thrown in the dust bin of history. But the media just like Dr Frankenstein have decided along with Aussie Intel Groups to re-activate him.

That brings us to the newest Klan group on the block from Victoria. These two half wits have been running a behind the scenes smear campaign on WN forums directed at members and associates of Australia First. What a surprise to see Palmer return like a bad dose of explosive Diarrhea.

But you want more? For the first time we now witness the Left and the Right State sponsored Sayanim working in unison. State Run FDB members and KKK fakes along with a scattering of Nut Jobs have pulled out all the stops. Using the useful idiots or possibly co conspirators in the Zionist Australian press. Still is anyone surprised? If so you are very new to the struggle.

Lets just get one thing straight. All though Australia First has many friends and contacts with just about every Legitimate Radical Nationalist group in the Western World. The one they most certainly dont entertain is the ASIO run IKA in Australia.

To suggest that Palmer and his members has infiltrated AF is a total Lie. To suggest that Palmer has even got a following is an even bigger lie. The guy is washed up and has been for many years. When ever the Government needs to discredit the Struggle they wheel out this bag of crap.

The biggest mistake that anyone can make is give these idiots any credibility by even considering what the News Paper has suggested. Look don't get me wrong. We are sure there is decent hard working and true believers in the Klan. But we are not talking about them here. We are talking about double agents not the Klan. Its a bit like describing @ndy and FDB as an Anti racist group. Or the ADL as community minded and a ethically based NGO. The fact of the matter they all work for the same boss.

In the end none of this will mater. Its not the members of AF who get them into Parliament. Its the Candidates and the people of Australia who are the ones who matter. No amount of Bull Shit will stop a hard working or dedicated Candidate.

This is a sideline issue. One designed to take away the legitimacy of the Hard Work done by many good folk who put Race and Nation above all. If we look at who benefits from these side line issues one can start to see the big picture.

Palmer well he never benefits he is just a social retard. The vic pair of slanderous newbys well I think the rest of Australia has seen them for what they are. FDB and @ndy well they will claim that they have better intel than the media. They will scream for attension and try and push their Marxist hatred of anything that resembles Nationalism. Australia First so called competition the Zionist anointed safe bet APP will use this to try and discredit the "NAZI" AF people. A re run of the BNP and NF conflict on our own shores.

The Liberal/Labor/Greens who have members with in their own ranks from all the people above will sit back and let it all play out. But its 2009 and Nationalism is ready this time. We have learn't from the many mistakes of the past. We will not be sidelined by small groups working for the State. We are going for broke folks. So get on board join AF and lets bloody win this battle for our people our culture our future.

PS does this mean that the media will now expose the real and current threat in Australian Political Parties? Like the fact that the Australian Greens Party has Marxist Jews from FDB as members? Not to mention State assets such as Anarchist @ndy FDB co founder. Or what about Australian Labor? What of all the Stalinist s and known Communists with in that Party? Now that's a story I would love to see.

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