Monday, July 27, 2009

@ndy all at sea PtII

The latest change from the Slackbastard Blog is NOW it's DERRICK McThomas instead of Dennis McThomas!!!

Now, are you sure and certain you've got it right THIS time @ndy?

Not only but also, he's deleted the three comments (critical of his monumental gaff) that were previously attached to the post.


Are you embarrassed @ndy?

Well, you SHOULD be!


Anonymous said...

You worry too much about a handful of internet commie poofters(slackdick and co) have to write.Dont you see those losers feed of it?

Whitelaw Towers said...

Anon I doubt very much they feed off it at all. My bet they are so embarrassed about this blog they purposely ignore us. Something Anti Fa Australia is about to learn.

You see we do not ask openly for other WN to get involved in what we do. We the members of WLT made a decision a long time ago to fight these Zionist Marxist traitors.

The amount of people over the years who have spoken as you is in the minority now. This blog has proven itself over and over again.

Our biggest detractors in WN movement are now on board or very happy with our work.

Every time we have lowered our guard as a movement we have allowed these scum to wreck peoples lives. No more.

These past attacks and the latest attacks now aimed at the female representation of WN could have been a lot worse. This blog has taken the sting out of the tail.

Staff at WLT have totally destroyed the false credibility that was being built up around these groups. We have proven how they work for the state and are employed and used by groups such as Bnai Brith and the Australia Labor Party.

Its a thankless job but one that must be maintained. Every time someone has spoken like you in the past I always ask one simple question? So what are you doing for WN or NS in this country?

Many hands make for light work mate. We are just one small part of a greater movement.

WLT can multi task. At last count members here belong to 4 different Australian activist groups. We can still carry on with the day to day struggle. But we must have a reference point for these traitors.

We have already seen what happens when they grow up. The current NSW Treasurer is a great example.

One things for sure we have made it very hard for these people now to take any position in any future Political role.

The proof is in the outcome. FDB is a Ghost Town. Media does not run to them for comment like they once did. At least 3/4 of the founding members of FDB are GONE.

All that and much more has happened because of the dedication shown by the staff here.

Anon we do this for you and all the other WN or NS people out there. We are the distraction so you may get on with the job at hand.

We are the Canary in the mine. When they silence us or lock us up you can bet everyone else is next.

To answer your question that we feed them. I say most definitely not. They would be very happy for us to go away.