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Andy Fleming Slackbastard drops bomb shell. On his foot!

You know readers much has been said about the fraudulent methods often used by the Marxist Anti Racist group Fight Dem Back (FDB). Today we would like to offer you all an even greater example of shoddy research and stupidity.

As the movement has grown over the years Andy Slackbastard and his ever decreasing membership of FDB are still playing in the sand pit of the past. They just haven't got with the program. Like all Marxist the solution to their problem (the problem being us) just cant be found in a Communist text book. The tactic of guilt by association may be a good one. But hell you best be able to prove it. Lets go and have some fun.

Our many readers know WLT often posts the Internet Radio program "Australia Calling" This hard hitting non apologetic radio broadcast is hosted in the United States. This protects it from being shut down by the modern day thought police. The host of the program a Mr Derrick MacThomas is as he states a native of the Sunshine State Queensland. He further goes on to explain that he is based on the Gold Coast. A beautiful part of QLD and certainly a far cry from Victoria. No offence to our Vic readers.

To our surprise @ndy using his proxy FDB Anarchist site published an article concerning "Australia Calling". As with 98% of the garbage that is spewed from these self proclaimed defenders of the Multicutralism

("FDB monitors and records incidents of racial vilification and directs information about such to our masters within the Intelligence community as required for the maintenance of our multicultural society. It is not within our purview to analyse the motivations for vilification nor to provide spiritual nor pastoral care for vilifiers.
Perhaps you can offer such services to your errant relative.")
this latest article is very typical. Except one huge difference. They picked on the wrong guy. In an attempt to muster Asher Moses or Joe Hildebrand and any other payed up members of the Australian Zionist community @ndy drops a bomb shell.

Here we go...

Dennis McCormack : ‘I’m An Australian Lord Haw-Haw’
0 Comments Published by @ndy July 24th, 2009 in !nataS, Anti-fascism, History, Media

Dennis McCormack is batshit ace.

A former member of the now-defunct group ‘Australians Against Further Immigration’ (on whose behalf he contested the Bonython by-election in 1994 and the Victorian Senate in the 1996 Federal election), then a member of Graeme Campbell’s staff (Campbell being the founder of the ‘Australia First Party’), McCormack is now Internet broadcasting on behalf of the US-based nutzi groupuscule the ‘National Socialist Movement’. His hour-long show is titled ‘Australia Calling’, and recalls the wartime broadcasts of William Joyce, aka ‘Lord Haw-Haw’:

McCormack’s first broadcast was made on May 25, 2006. (The NSM also broadcasts ‘Nazi America’.) Among the many highlights of his show, an interview with Ben Weerheym (former ANM/ANWU member) is one (January 8, 2007); the hugely successful Great Australian Bikini March (December 10, 2006) is another. The muzak of the Taswegian anti-Semite ‘Morbicae’ (’Chris Gard’) — who joined SF in November 2005 — features in a number of shows (for example, May 6, 2007); on May 28, 2007, “We discuss the biggest event on Australia’s White calendar–the Sydney Forum on August 25th and 26th–Be there!”); on August 1, 2007, Dennis notes that “The self-proclaimed white nationalist leader in Western Australia, David Innes, has been accused of handing information about white patriots to the Marxist organisation Fight Dem Back” (David’s brother Paul Innes, who could never be accused of passing info on to FDB!, has now taken over the reins of SFDU); and Dennis even conducts an interview with Dr, James Saleam’s Sydney-based nemesis (and former member of the ‘White Pride Coalition of Australia’ (WPCA)) Daevid Palmer (August 20, 2007).

More recent broadcasts include:


(November 27, 2007) On Saturday 55 per cent of the Australian public voted for the Fabian Socialist Labor Party and its leader Kevin Rudd, who is married to a Jew, whose daughter is married to a Chinese and whose brother is married to a negro. Are you ready to fight yet, white man?


(January 13, 2009) Derrick interviews Australia First political party leader Dr James Saleam about Zionist infiltration of white organisations. Also, two cases of Muslim immigrants pack raping white girls . . . again. Seems to be a culturally acceptable team sport for Muslim men and boys.


(May 16, 2009) Telling the truth and speaking your mind are illegal in Australia and you will go to prison for it. During this past week a prominent Adelaide historian has been sentenced to three months in prison because he said that the Holocaust was a lie. In Perth, a fundamentalist Christian has been charged with a thought crime because he quoted the Jewish scriptures that taught race hate and murder. He faces 14 years in prison for quoting scripture. Australia. Perfect one day, a gulag the next.


(July 17, 2009) Marxist terrorists, believed to be associated with the Jewish front race mixing group Fight Dem Back, have attacked the headquarters of the Australia First political party in Sydney. Also, the latest on the plight of our American white brother Hal Turner.

Note: Hal Turner, like Dennis, is batshit ace. He is certainly not an FBI informant either.

On a much brighter, whiter note, everyone’s favourite US nutzi Bill White — former fuehrer of the NSM, then the ‘American National Socialist Workers Party’ — is a very rude boy outta jail, after a US judge ruled that his nutzi rants were protected by the First Amendment.

Well who the hell is Dennis McCormac you may ask? Well we did. It does sound similar to Derrick MacThomas. I guess that's all you need. We had to dig back a fair way to find him and give him a call. We thought oh what the hell make a few calls. Using the leads that @ndy has given us above and see if in fact the Presenter of "Australia Calling" is the man who he has accussed. Of course we already knew he wasn't. But it all makes for a good article. Unlike @ndy's bed time story for Marxists.

Now Dennis McCormac (not to be confussed with Derrick MacThomas) is a real live White Activist. @ndy got that right. In fact Dennis short CV written by @ndy is fairly correct. But as we have seen many times these guys try to hard to smear. The truth just gets in the way.

I hope you all recall FDB Victorian member Cam Smith very good friend to @ndy comment on air that they FDB have better info than ASIO. Here is a reminder. ("The claim that ASIO has left the monitoring of RACE HATE groups to FDB is another admission of how close they work with the state. It makes you wonder don’t it folks. One look at @ndy’s site of late and the desperate methods being employed over there to cover this fact is laughable. Cam Smith admits a direct LINK to ASIO without hesitation. Just like a direct link to high-ranking Jews and Police officers in NSW has been mentioned many times in the past by Brian Stokes"). Well considering the new Terror Laws lets pray ASIO has better sources than these Zionist snitches. It is a cold hard fact that these self proclaimed members of the Australian Jewish community collect dossiers on White Nationalists and then pass them onto Australian Intelligence. Lets not forget the latest victim who also had her "dossier" handed over to her employer by Asher Mosses and Fight Dem Back. Oh yeah she was sacked.

Many people here have listened to Australia Calling. Now at times we must admit even the staff here cringe over some of the comments made by Derrick. (not to be confused with Dennis). But that is the way it is purposely presented. It certainly is a show that is not everyone's cup of tea. Its honest loud and brutal. It certainly isnt a middle of the road radio program. But it is a way for other Right Wing Groups and people around the world to get their message across. This would not be the case if these people had an honest media instead a State Controlled one.

Maybe this is what scares these Anti White Marxists. Modern day Right Wing Politics will use all methods to communicate to the people of this country. How else do they get the message out. Certainly not by using the Australian Media.

As we have mentioned we spoke with Dennis today. He was a very pleasant and a well spoken Australian. Sadly he doesn't live on the Sunny Beaches of the QLD Gold Coast. Thats not his fault. We know heaps of top blokes in Victoria or as Queenslanders call it Mexico. He advised us that he would look into these claims made by a member of Fight Dem Back. One could only imagine the field day a lawyer could have with this. He also pointed out to us that he was no longer active. Yet he is still a Patriot and does what he can for the people of this country. He has no official contact with any of the people @ndy has claimed and he is defiantly NOT the host of Australia Calling.

What does Dennis do now. Well I haven't read much of it yet but after talking to this man I will now. Thanks @ndy for the heads up.

Australian Immigration Program Cut in Half
By Denis McCormack (Summer 1992)

Immigration and Australia Two Views
By Denis McCormack (Winter 1992-1993)

Om Mane Padme Hum Tibet and the Final Solution
By Denis McCormack (Summer 1993)

Warnings of Weakness and White Western Suicide
By Denis McCormack (Winter 1994-1995)

Being There -- The (Australian) Prime Minister and Pauline
By Denis McCormack (Winter 1996-1997)

Book Review of 'Sons of the Yellow Emperor' by Lynn Pan
By Denis McCormack (Winter 1996-1997)

In the Interest of Clarity
By Denis McCormack (Winter 1997-1998)

Iceland to India -- a Traveler's Trek from Homogeneity to Diversity
By Denis McCormack (Summer 2000)

Australia's November 2001 Election -- Howard's Boat Came In
By Denis McCormack (Winter 2001-2002)

'Plus ca change...' -- Deja-viewing Australia's 'Future Dilemmas'

By Denis McCormack (Summer 2003)

FDB and @ndy have now been shown to be nothing but a bunch of imbeciles. We always knew that. I just hope the producer from 6o minutes who has been following this blog can see it more clearly now.

This group was once so proud of their connection to Andrew Bartlett of The Australian Democrats, Australian Greens, The NSW Labor Party and other assorted political and Union organizations. The same group who could with one call get Federal Ministers to fly all over the country. The same group who is reported by Zionist media associates as the social conscious of this nation. This has to be the final nail in the coffin.

We look forward to the coming shit storm over this one.

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