Thursday, July 23, 2009

One Nation hey under God you say? I bet he has dual citizenship. Prepare to Puke.

But hey folks its alright, as long as we keep the Muslims out we have nothing to fear. I guess we will know when Islam has won the battle and taken over the world. What sign shall we look for on this day? Muslim Clerics blessing the US Senate maybe?

Ok back to the ZWO. Watch the pretty bird watch the pretty bird.

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YaddaYadda said...

No Balls, No Guts, No Brains, No Identity, No dignity, No Honor, No Courage, No Truth, No Light and No Teeth ?.......No Achide.

These are the seven Laws of Noah by which one must abide to be "Noachide". The penalty for failing to kneel is "Herr Doktor".

It is a prime imperative that one have no Teeth. Removable dentures may prove acceptable.

I know there's more that Seven, but hey,,,, they're Kosher. 6 Mill ? 1919 ? Jailed for Shit ? Anythings possible. Get a Life, build a bridge and get over it, or anything other quicky quip that comes to mind that might dismiss your pointedness of fact that you know you're being lied too.