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The plot thickens. NSW Labor and the Anti Fa thugs.

Yes folks much has been said on this blog and Victor Whitelaw about FDB Mathew Henderson Hau's Labor Party connections. Not to mention the NSW Labor Party and its Marxist and Stalinist connections. We have also mentioned Mathew Henderson's threats to employ Trade Union Thugs to attack White Nationals.

So you are going to love the following story. It truly shows the connections at highest levels of the NSW Labor Government. The only conclusion you can possibly come up with is that the Modern Day Anti Fa and Anti Racist with their creature cousin the Anarchist movement is still and has always been controlled by Zionist.

Eric the red back in action
Damien Murphy and Emily Dunn
July 13, 2009

The NSW Treasurer, Eric Roozendaal, has held his hair colour, as the neighbouring
picture shows, but he also holds a good grudge. Almost 30 years ago he chased Jim Saleam and the racist group National Action off the Macquarie University campus - and was branded a "Communist Jew" for his efforts. Not to dwell on things, but he did bring it up in his maiden speech to the Legislative Council. Last week, when he saw Saleam was to register a new party, he took it on himself to call the Labor heavy Karl Bitar and obtain an undertaking Labor would never direct preferences to Saleam. But what happened next is simply strange: he drove home, dug out an old yearbook, drove back to work, scanned and captioned a picture of himself gallantly defeating the forces of darkness, and sent it to The Diary.

His stand against National Action was brave - it resulted in the sacking of his student offices - but not nearly as brave as sending a picture of himself looking like Screech (from the sitcom Saved By The Bell) to a newspaper. Recession be warned: Eric will defeat you and in 28 years' time he will have the pictures to prove it.

My God they keep helping us whats going on? Read this article from Jim Saleam about our Marxist Jew NSW Treasurer. No wonder the NSW Government pushed to have Desalination plants built and designed by Israel in Sydney. One hand washes the other.

Eric Roozendaal MLC Gets His CV Corrected

January 8 2006
Dr. Jim Saleam

Eric Roozendaal, Member of the Legislative Council of New South Wales, had a lot to say in the Australian Jewish News of January 5.

In response to the re-emergence of the Australia First Party in this State, Eric let rip with his usual well-choreographed invective aimed at this writer. He said of me: "I clearly remember the photos of Jim Saleam wearing a Nazi uniform. I don't think he has any contribution to make to a democratic country like Australia."

Come, come, Eric. It is a matter of record that it was I (and another man) who 'sorted out' the so-called Nazi party back in 1975, establishing its links with political police agencies especially in Queensland and Victoria, and unearthing its amazing 1971-3 link with Melbourne Jewish identity, Abraham Cykiert, a man who assisted in planning with these Nazis, violence against anti-Zionist communists. That explains in every real way why I had dealings with these 'Nazis'. And right now, Eric could if he wanted to, ask David Clarke who sits opposite him in the Chamber, for information dealing with a Liberal Party member (this person is well known to Mr. Clarke) who has had a close and special relationship with the current crop of Nazis. However, trying to uncover that the neo-nazis are provocateurs is of no use to a state agenda that demands there are neo-nazis to sprout off with hateful rhetoric so as to justify laws to suppress free speech on matters of race or on the Internet.

Of course all this is off the track from the present issue, but is necessary background to the fact that Eric just doesn't like me. Rightly so.

Sadly, Eric and I have another place in history drawn from a confrontation at Macquarie University in March 1984 when he served as president of the student union. Eric's account of our 'meeting' - and its sequel - meant so much to him that he has made it all part of his 'CV' (sic); indeed, he cited the event (his spin on it) to the press when he entered the parliament as proof of his bravery and his undying commitment against racism (except possibly, Israeli racism - but that's another story which can keep for the day he campaigns in Moslem Lakemba for the re-election of Morris Iemma). Let's see!

In mid-March 1984, a liberal journalist from SBS, Marti Georgieff, had arranged with me to film National Action members running a literature stand at the University of New South Wales. Good intelligence revealed that Ms. Georgieff had conspired with Steve Black of the Builders' Labourers Federation for a confrontation between our members and six of his heavies. When we phoned Ms. Georgieff and told her we were heading to Macquarie, the lady was most distraught - obviously because the thugs could not be 're-directed' in time. So she phoned Roozendaal. When we set up at Macquarie, Roozendaal appeared and with the camera rolling, he made a big scene of tipping the table over. National Action lads set up the table again and intervened in his way to forestall another such action. The hero stepped forward to harangue me about 'racism'. Needless to say, I told Eric he was a good actor. SBS had its required confrontation between the light and the dark. The day ended.

Well, National Action didn't like bulldust of any sort and considered that we had to reappear at Macquarie the following week. So, on March 21, a dozen members fronted and set up the table and distributed material to the great interest of the students. Three members entered the student bulding looking to photograph our anti-racist hero. Eric wasn't there. On the way out, one of the blokes up-tipped a file on the reception table. So what? After an hour or so of ordinary political work elsewhere, we all decamped.

That night, the television news reported our storming of the student union. And lo and behold, one file of papers upon the floor had become an office ransacking with the contents of entire filing cabinets strewn about. Eric was a hero of the anti-racist struggle. The Vice Chancellor of Macquarie University, Di Yerbury, banned National Action from the campus.

My question has always been: who dirtied-up Eric's office? While I might want to think bad things about this former party hack appointed to parliament, I shouldn't. The student union was populated by all sorts of anti-racist totalitarians who saw a good opportunity. I assume they acted upon it.

Eric's CV should be rewritten. First up, the hero wasn't a hero when he confronted me. He was an actor with a TV camera filming everything. A gentle clip to Eric's ear to restrain his overenthusiasm would have become an act of fascist barbarity - which we could all have done without. So, we put up with his performance. Second up, the legend of the big office smash-up is just a load of invention on someone's part. Nonetheless, it might have served us in an odd way, establishing our record as no-nonsense fighters for our cause, but I'll leave that to the historians.

I am sure that Eric and I will clash again. It is inevitable. I appreciate his point that I could be someone without a lot to contribute to bourgeois liberal democratic society, but before Eric casts a few stones he should recall the sordid history of Labor in recent decades: bashed MP's, criminal fraternities, sex offenders, paedophiles. If my comrades in National Action were ever judged for a few negative incidents, I wonder what could be made of Labor? Yet, just for now, Eric can start the honesty program - by rewriting his political CV - or

Oh lets not forget the Zionist anointed Right Wing Hero Darrin Hodges mate former Prime Minister Bob Hawk. Hes a great bloke Darrin. We are sure you and your mates would love to have him over for lunch.

Further Reading on NSW Labor and its Marxist supporters. Marxist Aussie Jews.
FDB and the Trade Union. FDB Classics. And our Favorite Quote from Fight Dem Back blow hard Mathew Henderson Hau "You may think it admirable for these guys to try and further the aims of the movement by threatening me. Admirable maybe, but not particularly smart. A media spotlight in one hand, Unions on both shoulders and a QC for an Uncle."

Ok folks it sure as shit aint hard to fit all these people together. So I wonder how the NSW Police will go with the investigation into the recent attack on the Australia First Head quarters? Maybe they will Dr John Casey to help?

The strange case of Dr. John Casey
For any who might be bewildered as to what has become of our NSW Police Force and why our Police Officers now more closely resemble social workers rather than crime fighters the following will dissipate much of the mystery.

One only has to look at the resumés of their teachers and ‘advisors’ to understand why the average copper is indoctrinated with Left Wing ideology, totally inundated with paperwork and hogtied by procedural “rules of engagement” when it comes to dealing with criminals. Today, most senior Police, from Local Area Commanders all the way up to the Commissioner, are University graduates fully inculcated with Political Correctness.

Much of their training is taken up with such nonsense as Cultural and Racial “sensitivity programs” etc. Is it any wonder there is no real will to take a firm stand against ethnic gangsters and their criminal syndicates? Particularly in regard to the current NSW Premier Morris Iemma whose constituency is Lakemba, the very epicentre of Islamist extremism and Muslim criminal activity in Sydney.

The State Police Commissioners, who were once appointed by the State Governors, are now instead commissioned by the State Premiers and serve under the strict demands of performance based contracts. They are in effect political agents beholden to the whim of the incumbent administration rather than to the people of New South Wales with their main concern and motivations being a trouble free, uncontroversial career path and easy cruise to retirement.

Any suggestion, that operating under these strictures, they could possibly execute their duties with any real degree of efficiency, independence or rigour is nonsense. Read on and things will become clearer.

Dr. John Casey’s Curriculum Vitae

John Casey is a Senior Lecturer at the Graduate School of Police Management at Charles Sturt University in Sydney, Australia. Before joining the School, he worked as an education and social services manager in Australia, USA and Spain and as a university lecturer in Spain. A large part of his professional work, research and community involvement has been focused on issues related to the provision of government services for immigrants and refugees. Contact:

Meet John Casey, senior lecturer at the Australian Graduate School of Policing, Manly.

What do you like most about your job? The challenge of teaching senior police officers

Name one thing you couldn’t live without? Good Coffee
What do you do to relax? Sport, Theatre, Cinema
Your favorite movie or book? All of the John Sayles movies

If you could walk in someone’s shoes for a day, who would it be? An international human rights activist

What do you find most irritating? Reality TV

Your favorite word? Yes

If you were granted one wish, what would it be? World Peace

Where would you retire? Barcelona

A memorable moment? Hosting a function at Gracie Mansion (New York Mayor’s Residence)

Who would you hate to be left in a room with? Brittany Spears

Your favorite sandwich filling? Prawn Salad

Who would you like to sit next to on a long flight? Agnes Heller – Hungarian Philosopher

What would you never give up? Travel

Your favorite website?
Your biggest phobia? None

What would you never do again? Apply for a job at CSU – just kidding
Most irritating celebrity? Leyton Hewitt

Your favorite place on campus? All of Manly campus

Dr John Casey first came to the attention of WN in QLD during September 2005. He was invited to speak at a public meeting held in Toowoomba organized by Mark Copland of the Catholic Social Justice Commission. In an unofficial visit Dr Casey presented to the people at the meeting a Film called “The Letter”. The movie is a semi documentary based on the invasion of the town Lewiston in the United States by 1000 Somalia’s. In his speech on the background of the movie Dr Casey compares the WPCA of QLD to White Supremacists portrayed in this film. Stating that a similar approach as shown in the film would be an effective way of silencing any anti multicultural feeling held by the people of the Darling Downs, in particular the WPCA.

The Doctor goes on to further compare the town of Lewiston to the Queensland city of Toowoomba. Dr Casey describes Lewiston Maine, as the Northern most State in the US. It is also the Whitest State in that country. A play ground for the rich. He explains that some time in 2000 the United States took on thousands of Somali refuges and resettled them in the US. I will quote directly what the Doctor says about this. “Some smart person who helped resettle them decided to settle them in the black communities of Georgia”.

The good Doctor goes on to explain that the resettled refuges from Somalia did not like the idea of sharing with their Black African Brothers in Georgia, in other words, they considered themselves to be middle class, educated people, too good to live with the poor abused Afro Americans therefore 1000 of them decided to move to Lewiston, Maine, all of them in one hit. So the great social experiment of examining the outcomes of putting 1000 Somalis in an all white community begins. The Dr explains that he has no idea how they came to choose Lewiston as their final destination but this writer has a fair idea why.

In his official capacity the Doctor wrote a paper in 2000 called International Experiences in Policing Multicultural Societies.

Extract from the Introduction:

In June 1996, a conference of experts on policing practices in multicultural[1] societies was organised by the Rotterdam police and RADAR, a non-government anti-racist organisation. This conference resulted in the drafting of a statement of principles, The Rotterdam Charter: Policing for a Multi-ethnic Society which, under the auspices of the European Union, is now being adopted by police services in a number of European countries.

This article provides an overview of international experiences in implementing programs to strengthen police-ethnic community relations, similar to those contained in the Charter. It concentrates on English-speaking countries, with particular emphasis given to the U.K., Australia and Canada. These countries have a higher percentage of immigrants in their society than most industrialised countries and a longer history of addressing issues regarding policing diverse societies

Dr John Casey along with his counter part Mark Goudkamp also belongs to the RAC Refuge Action Coalition. He has co hosted many functions with Mark Goudkamp in the Sydney area and all over Australia. Below are the details of one.

Against border protection: for the movement of people

While Liberal dissidents and the ALP have made criticisms of the Howard government's detention regime, they preface their comments with support for strong border protection policies. This workshop will raise the ideas behind and the desirability of a world without borders. What would it take to achieve such a world?

John Casey & Mark GoudkampRefugee Action Coalition

WHERE TO NOW? Building the next phase of the refugee movement

A forum for refugee activists and advocates

The refugee movement has had partial victories against the government, but the policy framework remains largely intact. The Where to Now Forum will bring together participants from different organisations to analyse the current situation and exchange ideas about future directions for the refugee movement. This will largely be a NSW-based meeting (interstate people obviously welcome). We hope it will lead to a national forum next year. Morning workshops will focus on background political topics, while the afternoon will concentrate on strategic and pracical aspects of the campaign.The Forum will seek to publish a joint communiqué, provisionally titled A Call for Real Change, and will discuss possible future joint actions. At the same time, the Forum will respect the independence of participating organisations and will primarily serve as an opportunity for networking and information exchange.Speakers include: John Highfield (former ABC radio presenter), Phil Glendenning - (Edmund Rice Centre), Louise Newman (TBC), Susan Metcalfe (Rural Australians for Refugees), David Francis (House of Welcome), Ali (former Nauru detainee), Refugee Advice and Casework Service, Refugee Action Coalition.
Intended Audience Refugee activists and advocates, although people who are becoming involved for the first time are also welcome.

When? Saturday 22 October (10am-4pm)

Where? Rooms C129-131, UTS Markets Campus, Quay St (opposite Paddy’s Markets), Haymarket

Cost? Entry by donation

Contact John Casey
phone 02 9934 4828 (w), 02 9411 1657 (h)

Sarah Stephen
mobile 0421326987

Mark Goudkamp
mobile 0422078376

Dr. Casey is a prominent figure in the Multicultural Industry scene. His connections alone warrant concern for all White Nationalists. In his official capacity he has the ways and means to assist Anti White campaigners such as Mathew Henderson-Hau and the ‘Fight Dem Back’ anarchists. Strong indications show that since the conception of FDB, Dr John Casey and the likes of Mark Copland have been actively working with the Marxist rabble to push their own agenda.

Now let’s have a look into Dr John Casey’s co-worker for RAC Mark Goudkamp. Mr. Goudkamp one time member of the International Socialist Organisation of Australia, notably quoted saying he would do “anything to assist the desperate plight of refugees”. Including the falsifying of Australian Pass Ports for escaped detainees. Mr. Goudkamp known to Australian Federal Police is just the sort of man one would expect the Senior Lecturer at the Graduate School of Police Management to be associated with.

Mr. Goudkamp’s membership with the International Socialist Organisation of Australia ended in 2004. Mr. Goudkamp and 21 of their Marxist Comrades left the ISO because of faction fighting and a failure of the ISO to become more militant. One could surmise that Mr. Goudkamp and fellow Marxist from Brisbane Ian Rintoul* will now create the Marxist dream with the Refuge Action Coalition. Again the reader must ask how is it that such a highly placed man like Dr John Casey could be associated with these people and not send alarm bells ringing in the NSW Police Force.

Mr. Goudkamp reputation as a Marxist and general troublemaker to the Federal Police has not stopped him in his chosen field as a High School Teacher in NSW. One must wonder at the marvels he preaches to his students. Again no alarm bells ringing no questions asked by any Government officials. Of course people like Mr. Goudkamp would simply brush aside any investigation of his dealings with Anarchists and Marxists by saying the average working class Australian supports him.

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